There are a lot of things to consider before flying a drone. From the battery status to the privacy policy, everything must be correct. Every mistake in the documentation or the procedure can be a security risk. At worst, fines can be imposed.

To ensure that everything is correct, it is, therefore, advisable to create a checklist that can be integrated into the project process. This checklist should be complete and contain both general points and points specific to the individual flight.

The general points include, for example:

    • Comprehensive information obtained
    • approval obtained from the landowner
    • valid aviation liability insurance available
    • data protection declaration available
    • security measures taken
    • documents complete
    • flight and visibility weather conditions tested positive
    • emergency scenarios defined
    • accessibility guaranteed
    • patents examined
    • exception night flight caught up
    • exception BVLOS obtained
    • FPV requirements complied with
    • approval for exception or approval operator obtained
    • manual intervention is ensured
    • approval for exception exists
    • 1:1 rule observed
    • permission obtained
    • marking applied
    • Valid proof of knowledge available

Flights that have to meet special requirements require more extensive measures. Special flights include:

    • BVLOS flights
    • night flights
    • FPV (first person view) flights
    • flights over places of action of the police or the Bundeswehr
    • “autonomous” flights
    • flights over places of accidents and disaster areas
    • and more

In our Map2Fly Pro under ” Project Plan” you will find the Checklists. There we have created checklists for you, with which you will never forget anything important again.

Upgrade to Pro now and get more functions for your UAV flight planning.

Here you can learn more:

Checklist Map2Fly

We wish many more successful flights,

Your FlyNex Team


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