FlyNex is proud to work with partners from technology, business, and development.

Our partners are leading in their field and work with FlyNex to develop operational solutions for companies in construction, energy, infrastructure, research, and innovation.

Partnerlogo APD

APD Profesionales de Drones

Network & Sales

APD Profesionales de Drones, based in South America, is a leader in the region in drone pilot training and drone technology consulting. This collaboration allows us to open new perspectives and drive the success of our projects in other countries as well.

Partnerlogo Benaco



Benaco’s solution complements the FlyNex Platform with advanced visualization capabilities for interiors. By integrating Benaco’s technology, immersive 3D tours of buildings and facilities can be created, opening up additional possibilities for the visualization and analysis of interior spaces.

Partnerlogo dena

Deutsche Energie-Agentur

Project Partner

FlyNex is involved in the Future Energy Lab of the German Energy Agency (dena), an initiative that tests digital technologies for the energy industry. Through this collaboration, we contribute with our expertise to the optimization of monitoring and maintenance of energy plants. This cooperation promotes exchange between players in the digital and energy industries and supports the development of innovative solutions in the energy sector.

Partnerlogo DLR

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Project Partner

The cooperation between FlyNex and DLR focuses on further developing drone technology and air traffic management. Together, we are working on projects such as the City-ATM project, which will make the integration of drones into the national airspace safe and efficient.

Partnerlogo Denkweit



By integrating DENKweit’s AI technologies and training platform, we can provide the world’s fastest AI for drone image data analysis. The AI solution for automated image analysis significantly expands our customers’ capabilities. In conjunction with the FlyNex Platform, it significantly supports integrating scalable, automated data processes in companies.

Learn more about the AI solution here.

Partnerlogo Drone Harmony

Drone Harmony


The solution from Drone Harmony enables 3D mission planning for drone flight automation, especially when flying over buildings, industrial facilities and other infrastructure. FlyNex and Drone Harmony have combined their technologies to create the FlyNex Platform, an integrated solution for drone data collection.

Partnerlogo Dronesperhour



Dronesperhour specializes in services such as inspections, surveys as well as the creation of 3D models, visualizations and image films for industrial facilities, construction sites and real estate. With the latest drone technology and experienced pilots, they expand our capabilities to provide high-quality data for large-scale projects.

Logo gefma



FlyNex is working with the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA) to provide advanced drone solutions for facility management.

This cooperation makes it possible to use innovative drone technologies for the inspection, maintenance and management of buildings and facilities and to train specialists in the field of drone technology, which increases efficiency and safety in facility management.

Partnerlogo G-Tec Positioning

G-tec Positioning


G-tec Positioning GmbH specializes in digitalization in the construction industry, sales and support of surveying systems and construction machine controls as well as drones and analytic tools.

As a dealer of the Topcon, DJI and Vigram brands and as an expert in digital surveying technologies, G-tec is our partner for any hardware.

Partnerlogo Homeport

homePORT Hamburg

Network & Projects

homePORT offers opportunities to work on concrete future topics of the maritime economy and logistics such as zero emission, 3D printing, drones & robots and automation.

The homePORT in Hamburg is an important milestone for FlyNex and for the city of Hamburg to bring technological innovations to application.

Partnerlogo ITB Dresden

ITB Dresden


ITB Dresden supports us with its specialized personnel in carrying out aerial surveys and data analysis, e.g. for roof inspections. ITB Dresden’s expertise enables us to provide expert analyses and increase the efficiency of projects.

Partnerlogo KSI Data Sciences

KSI Data Sciences


KSI Data Sciences specializes in providing live, real-time video and telemetry data from drones and other IoT devices. Integrated with the FlyNex Platform, KSI’s technology enables live data capture to be shared with multiple stakeholders worldwide.

Partnerlogo Microsoft


Technology & Sales

The partnership between FlyNex and Microsoft enables the deployment of our FlyNex Platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This collaboration allows us to provide a robust and reliable solution for our customers while leveraging the scalability and security of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

Partnerlogo Pheno-Inspect



The image AI software from Pheno-Inspect enables improved monitoring and analysis of agricultural land to promote more sustainable and high-yield farming practices. The collaboration between FlyNex and Pheno-Inspect aims to digitize and automate work processes in agriculture.

Partnerlogo STIHL



The partnership between FlyNex and STIHL focuses on optimizing agricultural and forestry processes through advanced technologies. By integrating our offering into STIHL’s extensive network, we can jointly provide efficient and innovative solutions that help improve operations and increase productivity.

Partnerlogo Telekom



In cooperation with Telekom, we provide innovative solutions for the real estate industry. By bundling our competencies, we can provide individual offers for topics such as traffic safety obligations.

Partnerlogo TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland


The cooperation with TÜV Rheinland enables FlyNex to certify testing procedures to ensure the quality and safety of our solutions. TÜV Rheinland’s independent assessment and certification allow us to offer our customers reliable and tested solutions that meet the industry’s high standards.

Partnerlogo UAV Dach

UAV Dach


As a member of the UAV DACH Association, FlyNex underlines its commitment to quality and safety in the drone technology industry. By exchanging ideas with other industry experts in the association, FlyNex promotes the further development of standards and best practices for drone operations and applications.

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