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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Which roles exist for team members in my company?2021-12-15T13:40:54+01:00

    With the help of company roles you keep an overview of the task areas and permissions of your team members. Each team member can have multiple company roles at the same time. Currently, you have a choice between the following company roles:


    An administrator has all administrative rights for all areas of the platform. Administrators can also assign administrator roles to other users. To reduce the risk to your organization, please limit the number of administrators.

    Project manager

    A project manager has all administrative rights for editing projects. Project managers have access to all projects of their company location without being explicitly assigned.


    Connect users can use the FlyNex Connect App on their drone controllers to track flights and synchronize recorded data with the platform.

    Object manager

    An object manager has all administrative rights for editing objects. Object managers have access to all objects of their location as well as all projects contained therein without being explicitly assigned.


    This role is the default role when creating new users. A user can work on his own or assigned projects, i.e. create projects, edit projects (if the user in the project has the role Project owner or Coworker), read projects (if the user in the project has at least the role Reader).

    Where do I enter my profile data?2022-01-04T12:34:22+01:00

    1) Switch to your personal profile via My Account.

    2) Adjust all personal data under My profile an.

    Where do I delete an object or a project?2022-01-11T18:26:29+01:00

    Alternatively, you have the option in each object to delete the object at Object description.

    Alternatively, you have the option to delete the desired project directly in the project under Project description.

    Note: All deleted files are recoverable at your company account.

    Where can I view and manage my payment and invoices?2021-12-15T11:26:25+01:00

    2) Open the License & Payment  function and get all information about your plan.

    Where can I find shared projects?2021-12-14T16:59:07+01:00
    Where can I find rules, regulations & authorities for my planned flight?2022-02-09T15:25:07+01:00

    With the FlyNex Platform, you receive current rules and regulations according to the EU Drone Regulation as well as associated authority data for the respective flight area. There are two ways to do this:

    Output of information directly on the map:

    1) Open the function Map in the main menu.

    2) Search for the desired location on the map.

    Right-click on the desired location on the map to output the regulatory information (Note:For more information about map layers on the map, see here).

    Output the information for your planned flight in the project:

    1) Open a project.

    2) Select the function Rules & Regulations for the output of the regulatory information.

    Note: If no information is available, it is first necessary to plan a flight for your project.

    Where can I find my notifications?2022-01-04T12:37:12+01:00

    Your notifications are displayed at the top right, next to your profile picture.

    The red number next to the bell icon shows how many messages you have.

    Where can I deposit the pilot license for drones?2022-01-04T12:26:41+01:00
    Where can I customize my profile picture?2022-01-04T10:00:24+01:00

    1) Switch to your personal profile at My Account.

    2) Open My Profile and click on the profile picture avatar.

    Where can I change my password?2022-01-04T09:55:08+01:00

    You can update your password anytime in your personal account at My Account.

    Select the Change Password function in your personal account.

    What is the Project board?2022-01-11T18:39:44+01:00

    The Project board shows you all active projects on your account as well as projects that are shared with you.

    You can find the Project board in the main menu:

    Each newly created project initially lands on the New board. You can change the status of the project by drag&drop the project tile into the different phases (Default: New, Planning, Active, Completed). Customization of the Project board with your own phases is possible in the settings of your company account.

    What is an orthophoto?2022-02-09T15:56:48+01:00

    An orthophoto is an aerial photograph taken perpendicular to the earth’s surface, rectified in perspective, and thus accurate to scale. It offers advantages in terms of up-to-dateness and availability. A main advantage is the measurability of distances.

    The calculated orthophoto can be integrated into the Flight planning / map and Map annotation functions for more detailed processing.

    How can I create an orthophoto?

    1) Open a project.

    2) Select the Orthophoto function.

    3) Upload an appropriate number of photos or take them from your project files.

    Note: The quality of the orthophoto depends mainly on the following criteria: resolution, number and degree of overlap of the taken pictures.

    4) Once the orthophoto calculation is complete, you will receive a notification.

    What is an object and how can I manage it?2022-03-01T10:36:15+01:00

    An object serves as a basic element of your projects and describes a location-bound, type-dependent unit. Each object has a defined location via the assignment of coordinates. The type describes the function of the object but is initially limited to standard. Multiple projects can be created and executed in objects.

    Where can I find my objects?

    You can find all active objects in the main menu at Objects.

    Note: You can restore already deleted objects in your company account.

    To create a new object, see here for more information.

    Where can I manage my objects?

    Open an object and you have the possibility to manage projects, resources and files for the respective object.

    In an object you are able to create different projects. To do this, open the Projects function in an object and click the New element button.

    What is an object area?

    With the help of an object area you are able to mark an object precisely on the map. A stored object area can facilitate the further planning of projects at the object.

    What is a project and how can I manage it?2022-02-09T15:59:06+01:00

    A project describes an undertaking on an object for a limited period of time. A link between project and object is always necessary for the location reference. A variety of planning, management and analysis functions are available in the project.

    Where can I find my projects?

    You can find all your projects in the main menu at Project board. Alternatively, it is possible to access associated projects via the respective object or to navigate to the project via the map feature.

    For creating a new project, you can find more information here.

    How can I manage my created projects?

    After you have selected and opened a project, you will be able to access various planning, management and analysis functions for your project.

    The following functions are available in the full version:

    1. Flight planning / Map
    2. Rules & Regulations
    3. Project team
    4. Equipment
    5. Project files
    6. Checklists
    7. Chat
    8. Export
    9. Flight logs
    10. Orthophotos
    11. Livestreams
    12. Image annotation
    13. Map annotation

    You are always able to add individual functions as a package at License.

    What functions does the map have?2022-01-04T12:36:12+01:00

    The Map offers you the possibility to get first information about the location of the object or project. Start at the beginning with the search for the desired location, via the search box at the upper left edge.

    Use of the Map functions

    Number of filters

    Save filters to output only selected objects or projects on the map.

    Map data

    Enable map layers to get currently legal information for the desired flight area.


    Measure routes and areas in the desired area.

    Map type

    Use different map types (e. g. Standard or Satellite) for better orientation.


    Get current weather data for the destination area.

    Map navigation tools

    Use helpful navigation tools for better orientation on your map. You can find all navigation tools in the bottom right corner.

    What do the colors on the map mean?2021-12-22T14:07:34+01:00

    On the map you have the possibility to include different map data as map layers. Each map layer has a certain color and shows you what property a certain location has for drone flights. Based on the constraints that are present in your area, applicable laws and regulations must be followed.

    To enable/disable a map layer, use the Map data tool on your map.

    You have the choice between an Object based or a Regulation based map. Here in the article, the colors are shown according to the Object based map. Furthermore, the legend consists of five top categories:

    1. Airspaces

    2. Traffic

    3. Settlement and Security

    4. Energy

    5. Environment

    Note: Even if the map layers are deactivated, the information is still stored in the background. This means that if you right-click in the map or perform a route check later, all map layers will be taken into account (even from disabled map layers).

    Set a checkmark to disable/enable a map layer.

    By right-clicking on the map at the desired location, you will see the rules, regulations and authorities on the right side of the map. If you hover the mouse over the regulations, then you will be shown which area in the map the regulation exactly applies to by highlighting it in color.

    What are the permissions for team members in objects and projects?2022-01-11T18:23:26+01:00

    You can use permissions to define which access rights object or project members have to the respective element (object or project).

    To assign permissions to team members in projects, follow these steps:

    1) Open an object.

    2) Open the Object team function.

    3) Click the Assign team member button.

    Readers: Can see all contents of the object as well as all associated projects, but can’t edit them.

    Staff: Can see and edit all contents of the object as well as all associated projects.

    Object owner (manager): The object owner has the same rights a staff. In addition, he may delete the object and assign or change roles in the objects.

    Permissions of team members in projects:

    To assign permissions to team members in projects, follow these steps:

    1) Open a project.

    2) Open Project team.

    3) Click on Assign team member.

    Readers: Can see all contents of the object as well as all associated projects, but can’t edit them.

    Staff: Can see and edit all contents of the object as well as all associated projects.

    Pilots: Can see and edit all contents of the object as well as all associated projects. A pilot in the project is also a prerequisite for the validation function at Rules & Regulations.

    Project manager (manager): The project manager has the same rights as a staff. In addition, he may delete projects and assign or change roles in the project.

    What is the difference between object based and regulation based map data?2021-12-22T14:10:05+01:00

    In the object based map, different colors are shown for the corresponding classes (e.g. schools, federal roads, agricultural area). Use this view if you want to know which conditions belong to which class.

    In the regulation based map, a traffic light system shows you the difficulty resulting from the regulatory constraints for your drone flight. Yellow areas have less complex requirements than orange or red areas. This map therefore gives you a faster overview and shows you potential for route optimization.

    Map legend and data

    The information displayed in the map (map layers) is divided into object classes (e.g. airspaces, energy). In the map data options, you can set whether and which object classes are displayed on the map. Each object class has its own color.

    Note: Even if the map layers are deactivated, the information concerning your flight planning will be displayed unchanged. This means with right-click in the map or later route validation all conditions are displayed.

    Store profiles for map layers

    Save profiles for individual compositions of map layers.

    1) Switch to the Map.

    2) Open the Map data function.

    3) Choose your personal set of map layers.

    4) Click Save and assign a name for the profile.

    How to use the drawing tools?2022-02-09T15:06:00+01:00

    The drawing tools for flight planning can be found in the project at the Flight planning / Map function. All drawing tools can be found above the map.

    Draw room

    This allows you to draw in an flight area at the beginning of your flight planning.

    1) Click Draw room.

    2) Use the cross in the map to set your first point. Then add as many points as you like until your flight area is completely drawn.

    3) Finish drawing your flight area with a double click.

    Note: If you do not want to draw a flight area separately, you can also draw a flight route directly.

    Draw flight route

    With this you can individually draw your flight route.

    1) Click Draw flight route.

    2) Use the cross on the map to set your first point. Then add the other points of your flight route.

    3) Finish drawing your flight route with a double click.

    Note: Click on the individual points one after the other in the completed flight route to correct or delete them if necessary. Also, you can add more points by clicking on the smaler points between two of your flight route points.


    Serves for setting own punctual markings.

    1) Click the Marker buttpn.

    2) Click in the map on the place where you want to set the marker.

    3) Label and describe your marker at Marker and give it its own color.

    Measure line

    With this tool you can draw in a line and have it measured.

    Measure ploygon

    With this tool you can draw any polygon and we will measure the area for you.


    With the help of the Delete tool you can delete individual components of your previous route drawing or the entire drawing. To delete a single component (e.g. point, route), first click on this component and then click on the icon Delete.

    If you want to delete the entire planning, click on any point outside your drawing in the map and then click Delete. You will be asked for confirmation afterwards.

    How do I use the map annotation?2021-12-22T14:36:12+01:00

    Take measurements in Map annotation or add additional notes and symbols on the map. Additionally, increase the level of detail by including an orthophoto.

    Where can I find the Map annotation?

    1) Open a project.

    2) Open the Map annotation function.

    3) Locate the desired place on the map by entering the location or navigate the map by panning (click and drag).

    4) Choose between different tools:

    Adding notes and symbols

    Select the appropriate tool and click on the map for a note or various symbols. Create your own categories in your settings.

    Take measurements

    Select the Measure polygon or Measure line tool for more detailed planning projects.

    Create Report

    Summarize all additions to the map in a report as a PDF file.

    Note: All notes, symbols, and surveys are available in parallel in the Flight planning / Map function under the Custom layer and can be included for planning.

    How can I embed an orthophoto?

    For the integration you need a ready calculated orthophoto in the same project. To activate the orthophoto, place a check mark in the list provided.

    Note: If there is no orthophoto in the list, the calculation of an orthophoto is necessary first.

    How do I use the image annotation?2022-01-04T12:20:35+01:00

    Use the image annotation to mark special features in your images and store them in a report (PDF).

    Where can I find the Image annotation?

    1) Open a project.

    2) Open the Image annotation function.

    3) Select the photo to be edited by setting a check mark. (Note: If no photos are stored yet, add georeferenced images as project files in the project first).

    Use the following tools:

    A: Set markers on the image for special features.

    B: Enlarging, reducing, and resetting the image position.

    C: Switch to full screen mode for better editing.

    D: Classify the special feature on the image. Create your own classifications in your settings.

    E: Prioritization of the special feature. Create your own categories in your settings.

    4) Click Save to finish. Designations, classification and prioritization is stored in the list.

    5) Click Create image annoation report and get all information summarized.

    How do I import KML files?2022-02-09T15:01:26+01:00

    The Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML-based format for storing geographic data and related content. This format is especially suitable for importing multiple object into your FlyNex platform.

    How do I enter coordinates in the Map?2022-03-01T09:17:34+01:00

    Coordinate input

    To enter coordinates in the map search box, enter them in decimal degrees (DG) format.

    X degrees, minutes and seconds (GMS): 51°19’37.2 “N 12°19’05.3 “E
    ✔ decimal degrees (DG): 51.327002, 12.318130

    Note: Use the upload function for KML files for larger inputs.

    How can I validate my drone flight according to EU regulations?2022-02-09T15:38:43+01:00
    How can I upgrade or purchase additional features?2021-12-15T13:45:40+01:00

    1) Switch to the Company Account (Note: administrator rights required).

    2) Open the function License & Payment and customize your personal plan according to your needs.


    You will receive a confirmation by email and see the newly purchased features in License & Payment.

    How can I share projects?2022-02-09T15:52:16+01:00

    Use the possibility to share projects with team members or external users.

    Follow these steps:

    1) Open the project.

    2) open project description function.

    3) Click on Share.

    Note: Shared projects are available at the Project board about the drop-down menu at
    shared projects.

    How can I report an error in the map?2021-12-15T11:28:11+01:00

    1) Switch to the Map.

    2) Click the Give feedback button in the bottom right of the map view.

    3) Click the Map Feedback button in the pop-up window and create a new ticket. Click the marker and place the marker on the incorrect ticket position. The marker’s address will be applied automatically.

    4) Describe the error as detailed as possible in the Description field.

    5) Click Add ticket.

    Thank you

    Our Geo-IT specialists will immediately address the message and provide you with feedback accordingly. You can now track your previous tickets and their status as well as create additional tickets in this feedback pop-up.

    How can I recover a deleted file?2022-02-09T15:00:29+01:00

    If you have deleted one or more files and want to recover them, follow these steps:

    1) Go to the Company Account.

    2) Open the Deleted elements function.

    3) Select the desired file by placing a check mark and click Restore.

    How can I plan a drone flight?2022-02-09T15:20:33+01:00

    Plan your flight areas and routes on the map before the drone flight. Use the option to validate your flight and check compliance with all regulatory requirements. Created flight plans are also available on the FlyNex Connect App.

    Where can I plan a drone flight?

    1) Open a project.

    2) Select the Flight planning / Map function.

    3) Select the desired location on the map for your planning. Use a location input or navigate via panning (click and drag) on the map.

    4) Use various tools for your flight planning.

    Overview and other map data

    Use the tabs below the map for individual editing of flight areas, flight routes, markers or to de-/activate integrated data.

    Flight info: Contains location information of the project as well as general project limitations for the max./min. flight height and of the lateral safety.

    Flight room: Overview of all flight rooms of the project with individual flight height settings.

    Flight route: Overview of all flight routes of the project with respective coordinates.

    Marker: Overview of all drawn markers with designations of the project.

    Orthophoto: List of all orthophotos of the project for detailed planning on the map.

    Custom layer: Overview of all notes, symbols, and measurements from map annotation.

    How can I manage my company’s team?2022-03-01T09:50:15+01:00

    Where can I find the Team function?

    1) Switch to your company account by clicking on your profile picture in the main menu on the right side ( Note: Administrator rights are required for this).

    2) Open Team.

    How can I create team members?

    1) Click on Add new team member.

    2) Deposit all data for the new team member and assign him/her all necessary company roles.

    3) Confirm with Save (Note: If the new team member already has an account at FlyNex, you can not add him/her via this way. You can assign this user directly at Assign team member in your objects or projects).

    How can I change the location for a team member?

    1) Open Settings in the company account.

    2) Add the desired locations about the Locations tab.

    3) Open Team in your Company Account.

    4) Place a checkmark by the desired team member and click on Location.

    5) Adjust the location and confirm with Save.

    How can I lock/ unlock team members?

    Use the team member lock/ unlock feature to deny/ unlock access to your company’s elements for selected team members.

    1) Open the Team function in the company account.

    2) Select a team member using the checkbox.

    3) Click Lock/ Unlock.

    How can I give feedback?2021-12-15T13:43:15+01:00

    1) Switch to the Map.

    2) Click Give feedback at the bottom right of the map view.

    2) Click User Feedback in the pop-up window and create a new ticket.
    3) Rate the platform with the number of drones and feel free to leave us a short description.

    4) Click Send feedback.

    Thank for your Help

    The feedback goes directly to our product development. We are always happy to receive your honest and open feedback on our software. Only this way we can improve our products and support you in realizing your projects even more efficiently and securely.

    How can I customize the checklist?2021-12-15T09:36:48+01:00
    How can I customize my platform?2022-02-09T16:04:24+01:00

    You have the possibility to customize the platform (Note: You need the administrator rights).

    How can I customize platform elements and categories?

    Follow these steps:

    1) Open Company Account.

    2) Open Settings.

    Project status: Costumize categories for the Projekt board, e.g. Planning, Active, Completed

    Locations: Costumize company locations for the team members at Team, e.g. Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig

    Classification: Costumize classifications for objects at Image annotation, e.g. roof, window, front

    Priorization: Costumize the list for priorization of damages at Image annotation, e.g. low, medium, hard

    Annotation groups:  Costumization of the list for classification of symbols at Map annotation, z. B. measurings, risks, information

    How can I create equipment (drones, etc.) and assign them to projects?2022-02-09T15:46:19+01:00

    Drones and their associated batteries, sensors and insurance are considered Equipment. Equipment can generally be stored in the company account with all important parameters and are subsequently available for selection in each project.

    How do I assign a device to my project?

    1) Open a project.

    2) Open the Equipment function.

    3) Click Add to select already created equipment from the company account. Or click New asset to create new equipment at the company account.

    Note: Equipment can not be assigned to several projects that are planned at the same time.

    How can I create a new asset?

    You have the option to create assets permanently, with all technical data. You can allocate them in your projects. There are two options for this:

    Option A) Switch to your Company Account (Note: Admin rights necessary). Select the Assets function. Click the Create equipment button.

    Option B) Click on the Equipment function directly in the project. Click the New asset button to create new equipment at the company account. Then click the Create equipment button.

    After options A or B, continue with the creation of the equipment:

    1) Select the desired model and assign a name.

    2) For drones select the span and weight class.

    Note: Absolutely necessary for validation of flight plans.

    How can I create an object?2022-03-01T10:54:07+01:00

    Creating objects on your platform is possible at various points.

    Use the Create element button. This button can be found on the Dashboard, at Objects or the Project board.

    It is also possible to first locate the desired object location on the Map and then create an object. Use the green button with the plus symbol. The entered location is applied directly.

    Follow the instructions in the next window. After successfully creating an object, you can create a number of projects in this object.

    Note: The current number of active objects can be found at License or on the Dashboard.

    How can I mark and deposit an object area?

    1) First create a new object or open an existing object.

    2) Click on Object areas.

    3) Select the Draw Polygon tool and mark your object precisely on the map. (Note: You can create other types of object layers in your company account at Settings).

    4) Enter the height of your object.

    Note: You can activate/deactivate stored object areas on the map via Map data.

    How can I create a project?2022-03-01T10:45:36+01:00

    Creating projects on your platform is possible at various points.

    Use the New element button. This button can be found on the Dashboard, at Object or Project board.

    It is also possible to first locate the desired project location on the Map and then create a project. Use the green button with the plus symbol. The entered location is taken over directly.

    Follow the instructions in the following window. After successfully creating a project, you can use a variety of tools to plan your project.

    Important note: For creating a project, a link to an object is necessary. This link is used to determine the exact location of your project. If you have not previously created an object, you will first be prompted to create one in the setup process. After creating an object, you will be able to create a project. An object can contain a number of different projects.

    How can I assign team members to objects or projects?2022-03-01T10:47:24+01:00
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