FlyNex for the Inspection of Transmission Lines & Solar Parks

Secure Energy Supply – Even in Times of Crisis.

For a sustainable future.

Power Pylons, Power Lines and Solar Parks

We know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to operate and maintain these assets. Revolutionizing your processes—That’s what we have developed the FlyNex platform for. Thanks to the FlyNex platform, you can automatically collect data from your assets, manage them efficiently and evaluate them intelligently.

Automated Inspection, Digitized Processes

The times of manual documented processes and incompatible amounts of data are over: With the automation of manual processes, you not only increase your productivity, but also create a reliable database. Lay the foundation for sustainable decisions and almost limitless scaling.

Convincing Results

Standardized processes for a consistently high quality of your inspections and optimal comparability of the data obtained. Save up to 70% time and 50% costs.

Reduce the risk of outages by

FlyNex - Energie und Netze Ausfallrisiko reduzieren Netzinspektion

Reduce inspection costs by

FlyNex - Energie Bau Telekommunikation Kostenersparnis
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The Matching Solution For Your Use Case.

A software that adapts to your requirements.

Tailored to your individual use case, the FlyNex platform offers the possibility to conduct inspections more efficiently than ever before.

Using drones, you can collect infrastructure data much faster without endangering your employees.

Detect the slightest damage with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and derive measures at an early stage: With FlyNex, you can demonstrably prevent outages and minimize risks.

From planning to data collection to the final analysis—the FlyNex platform maps an integrated end-to-end process that integrates smoothly into your software landscape.

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FlyNex Software energy digitized mast inspection line solar panel pipeline
Profit from Advantages like:
  • Smooth collaboration also with service providers

  • Comprehensive analysis options: point clouds, orthophotos, image annotations, etc.
  • Structured reporting for a complete documentation of your inspections
  • Flexible interfaces (API) to your existing systems (e.g. SAP, IBM Maximo, etc.)

Solar park inspection


  • Detect hotspots faster
  • Locate damage immediately
  • Inspect large solar parks in the shortest possible time

Power pole inspection


  • No more climbers or helicopters needed
  • Discover damage, growth, etc. faster
  • Inspect more power poles in less time

Line inspection


  • Trassen auch außerhalb der Sichtweite (BVLOS) inspizieren
  • Reliably detect anomalies with LIDAR sensors
  • Inspect with almost no emissions

Pipeline inspection


  • Detect small gas leaks faster with laser technology
  • Capture data reliably even on rough terrain
  • Inspect more distance in less time

FlyNex for the Energy Sector.

Limitless potential for innovation.

Are you ready for digital transformation? Get a head start by maintaining your ability to operate during labor shortages.

With FlyNex, you make your company fit for future challenges and lay the foundation for securing the energy supply of tomorrow.

Well-known companies from the energy industry are already convinced of our solution. Let’s find out how your company can benefit from the FlyNex platform.

Would you like to learn more about the use of drones in the energy industry?

Read our free info material on how you can perform your inspections with drones and the FlyNex Platform more efficiently than ever before.



  • Grid inspection by drone


    Drones are increasingly used to supplement helicopters and climbers for network inspection. In the process, overhead line masts are flown over by drone to, for example, detect insulators' damage and check the mast for stability. But what happens afterward with the drone recordings, and how can drone data be used for more efficient inspection processes?

  • FlyNex - Corporate Platform


    How can the energy transition be mastered properly? And what role does the use of drones play in this task? FlyNex supports the digitization of processes to meet the increasing need for inspection in the future.