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We Know the Challenges

The use of innovative technologies such as drones offers companies a wide range of opportunities, but also presents them with a number of challenges. It must be examined to what extent drones, AI, etc. business models can be usefully combined and integrated into existing work processes. This requires profound expertise and experience.

Comprehensive Support for Your Needs

With our offering, we provide you with comprehensive consulting and customized solutions. Our experienced team supports you in the exploration, evaluation and implementation of technologies such as drones and AI. No matter the stage you are at with your project. We help you plan and implement your drone projects for optimal integration into your business processes. In addition, we work with you to create communication concepts based on our many years of experience to successfully position the topic in your company and increase readiness for its use.

Effective Strategies and Successful Implementation

Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise to successfully integrate drone technology into your company. We accompany you as a strong partner to build up your processes with the right strategy and improve them in the long term. Your success is our top priority.


Just like our customer, who was able to successfully evaluate inspection with drones in several projects thanks to FlyNex and set the foundation for regular operation.

The Challenge: Very costly and unreliable inspections

Our industrial plant engineering customer was confronted with the challenge of making its plant inspection services more efficient and reliable. Previously, the plants were scaffolded at great expense in order to check their condition by manual on-site inspections. This caused considerable time and financial effort. In addition, it was difficult to detect damage, e.g. to insulation, at an early stage, which led to potential safety risks and cost-intensive repairs.

The Solution: A pilot project for inspection with drones

Together, we launched a groundbreaking pilot project to improve inspection processes. Using drones and thermal imagery, we were able to demonstrate that inspections could be performed faster and more reliably. Further projects followed to optimize the processes even deeper. At the same time, we worked out various measures to integrate the technology into the company. This also included promoting readiness and acceptance among employees and customers.

The Outcome: Significant time savings and reliable damage detection

The pilot project has already been a complete success and resulted in a significant time saving of 60%. In addition, thanks to the cooperation with FlyNex, a previous undetected damage could be localized. The integration of drones is also being pursued in other business areas that will benefit from the advantages. The combination of drones and AI-supported data analysis opens up new opportunities for our customer to support his own customers with even better and more efficient solutions and to make inspection processes safer and more sustainable.

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