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We are convinced that drones create an immense added value for all industries. We also believe that all companies, regardless of their size, deserve the ability to easily plan projects with drones in order to carry out projects with confidence. The new technology of drones revolutionizes our view of the world and also the results of our work. Every company should be able to use this technology easily, safely, and profitably. Only then it is possible to meet the challenges of a digital future and responsibly contribute to an innovative society.

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FlyNex Logbook


New Release With the 5th Anniversary
FlyNex celebrates its 5th anniversary in July 2020. Shortly before, the drone solution Map2Fly has been released in the free and professional version Map2Fly Pro in an updated and revised form. In addition to various visual adjustments, different new features expanded the functionality. In the course of 2020, Map2Fly has exceeded the mark of 10,000,000 “What’s here?” queries.
Notable Project Participations
We have been able to successfully complete two important milestone projects at the beginning of the year. Firstly, the first BVLOS inspection flight for outdoor pipelines in Saxony has been performed over a distance of approximately 40 kilometers. We have once again demonstrated the applicability and benefits of drone flights in the energy sector. Secondly, FlyNex has participated successfully in BMVI’s Medifly project. We were able to complete the trial flights without any difficulties.


Market Presence Strengthened
FlyNex was attending the Interaerial Solutions and the German Energy Congress. In addition, FlyNex was able to realize various pilot projects with companies from different industries and gain first business activities in other European countries. We were also able to significantly expand our market presence in Germany and reach new customer groups with our solution.
Focused on Growth
Both our internal activities as well as the development of the entire UAV market increased significantly in 2019. Our end-user solution Map2Fly was accessed by more than 100,000 users, and more than 10 million location queries have been processed since its launch. In the future, we plan to further expand the functionalities, optimize user interfaces, and extend the map solution.


New Software Release
By combining several developed modules and data, FlyNex has released the first ready-to-use flight planning software for drones. As the market leader for geodata of unmanned aviation in Germany, new products and functionalities such as APIs and apps will follow.


Map2Fly Release & New Venture Capital
After demonstrating the relevance of the solution, growing the company, joining the SpinLab Accelerator and moving the headquarters to Leipzig, FlyNex secured a sustainable seed investment to accelerate its growth and improve the overall product and technology stack.

The BETA version of the most advanced, detailed and sophisticated map for drones in Germany was released, gaining tens of thousands of drone pilots overnight.


First Prototype & Award for FlyNex
When we developed the application from scratch, we were able to create a working prototype of a map for planning drone flights with almost no resources. FlyNex has shown that it is possible for companies to carry out complex drone projects even without flying knowledge. As one of the 16 most innovative companies in Hamburg, FlyNex has received funding from the City of Hamburg to advance its solution and develop a software that automatically implements flight planning and approval procedures for drones.


Hamburg Office Was Opened
​Many companies were struggling with their drone management and were looking for a solution. FlyNex was founded with the idea of bringing automated workflows for drone data projects to different industries for any type of application.