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Aerial Inspection, Permission Management or Data Analysis

Conducting drone flights and the accompanying process and data management frequently poses challenges for companies with a large number of objects. There is often a lack of know-how, resources or time. That’s why, with our FlyNex Services, we’re there to help you every step of the way.

Benefit From FlyNex Expertise and Support

Proper aerial surveys and reliable data collection are critical to achieving meaningful results. With our cross-industry and years of experience, we know what it takes. Call on the expertise and support of the FlyNex team when you lack professionals, pilots, equipment or permissions.

Successful Projects and Customized Solutions

With our expert support for aerial inspections or staff training, you can achieve better results overall. Our passion for precision and quality is reflected in every single activity. Rely on our comprehensive know-how to successfully implement your projects. FlyNex is your reliable partner every step of the way.


This client’s work has improved significantly with our support in employee training and permit management:

The Challenge: Expertise lacking

Our client faced several challenges in the area of drone operations. In particular, employee training and development, as well as permit management in the Specific category of operations, represented important issues. The complex requirements for drone teams require in-depth expertise and specific as well as regular training. In addition, the process of ascent approvals was time-consuming and demanding.

The Solution: Human and expert support

The company found an experienced and knowledgeable partner in FlyNex to help them overcome these challenges. FlyNex’s proven experience made it possible to develop customized training concepts for the employees. The training courses covered all relevant aspects for use in the “Specific” operating category. The participants were trained in the necessary knowledge of the technical, legal and safety aspects of drone operations and their practical experience was expanded.

In addition, FlyNex took over the entire process of applying for the permission to perform aerial inspections. Due to the close cooperation with the public authorities and the vast experience that FlyNex has gained so far, the approval process has become much more efficient.

The Outcome: Smoother and faster processes

FlyNex’s training ensured that employees had the necessary expertise and skills to use drones safely and efficiently. By providing hands-on training to employees, our client was able to optimize drone operations and open up a wide range of possible uses. At the same time, FlyNex’s expertise in permission management resulted in an expedited and smooth process when applying for aerial inspections.

Often, the only thing missing is sufficient human resources for operational implementation, as was the case with this customer:

The Challenge: Not enough personnel

The construction site was to be flown daily. However, our customer had the problem that too few trained drone pilots were available. However, for surveying and documentation purposes, it was essential that data collection took place daily. Previously, the site could only be flown once a week.

The Solution: Operational support

FlyNex supported the company with experienced drone pilots and the right equipment for daily survey and documentation flights. The flights were planned according to the project management’s specifications, the necessary data was collected and made available after the desired analysis. This enabled our customer to fly his construction sites without delays and to successfully carry out the planned activities.

The Outcome: Coherent documentation

Thanks to the cooperation with FlyNex, our client was able to easily perform the construction site recording without having to give up important information. FlyNex’s support ensured reliable and accurate data collection from the air. The benefits of drone technology, such as time savings, increased efficiency and accurate documentation, were fully realized. The entire project process improved significantly due to the always up-to-date data.


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