FlyNex Enterprise Suite Drone


The Flynex Enterprise Suite Is the Leading Solution for Companies That Want to Use Drone Applications in a Scalable Way.

FlyNex Corporate Platform incl. Enterprise License

  • Cloud-Space Within Own Company Domain
  • Unlimited Accounts for Team-Members Incl. Individual Logins
  • Unlimited Number of Partners With Role and Rights Management
  • Unlimited Number of Projects
  • Unlimited Number of Assets and Equipment inlcuded
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • All Map-, Plannning-, and Project Management Features

Data Connection for Drones

  • 1 Drone Connector for a Specific Drone Device
  • Unlimited Flight Records
  • Unlimited Number of Automated Flight Patterns
  • Unlimited File Exchange
  • Unlimited Flight Logs

Drone / UAS

  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK with Sensor / Actor as specified
  • 5 Batteries included
  • Technical Service & Support
  • Preconfigured and Ready to Deploy

Connection of Analysis Software

  • 1 Analytics Tool Connection
  • Including Software-Tool for 3D-Modeling oder Orthophotography
  • AI-driven Analytics Tool for automatized Data Evaluation
  • 500 GB / Month Data Volume between Platform and Software


Additional Drones
Connect additional drones or even own devices on request with your FlyNex Enterprise Suite

Further Tools
Connect through open interfaces additional tools, e.g. for analyzing retrieved data

Connect an additional 3rd-party-solution through our open interface on request

More Data Volume
Extend your volume for data transmission for analysis with 500 GB packages

Ask for Your Flynex Enterprise Suite

Connect and Build Your Individual Data Process With the Appropriate Connectors in Our Constantly Growing, Open Enterprise Environment.

FlyNex Connect App for Devices

DJI Phantom

DJI Matrice

DJI Mavic

DJI Inspire

DJI Spark


Smart Controller


Individual Device

FlyNex Connect App for Analysis & Software

3D Modeling


Individual Tool

FlyNex Connect App for individual 3rd-Party-Tools

Cloud Storage

Individuelle Lösung