The new drone rules in Map2Fly

Since today, the amendment of the Air Traffic Act is valid.For all drone pilots, this means to observe the new regulations.All new map info can be found immediately in the Map2Fly!We have...
Screenshot Drone Map Map2Fly
We have added swimming pools, educational facilities and stadiums, as well as new airspaces, heliports, airspace obstacles and wind turbines.
Screenshot Drone Map Map2Fly
The commercial airports and their areas were also adapted for the new drone regulation. In addition, the entire text of the regulations was revised.
Screenshot Drone Map Map2Fly
In the next few weeks we will be launching a new feature, including operating categories (A1/A2/A3), drone types, license & remote pilot certificate, and more.This will be the first automated drone rule tool to hit the market from FlyNex.Stay Tuned!

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