White Paper

U-Space Guideline.

The U-Space is intended to help integrate many drones into European airspace. A high degree of automation of processes and connectivity between the drone and the environment is sought. In our white paper, U-Space Guideline, we look at the current regulation of airspace in Europe and show how this will develop in the future. We also explain the goals and benefits of U-Space and look at the requirements that must be met for it to be implemented. In addition, we present how the integration of drones works and, above all, what new opportunities arise for companies and the economy to use airspace. Also, find out which tasks FlyNex covers in this area and what the connection to a UTM could look like.

In this U-Space guideline, you will learn:

  • What is U-Space anyway?
  • What regulations already exist for the use of drones?
  • What steps does the EU intend to take to harmonize regulations?
  • What task does FlyNex fulfill and how can the connection to a UTM look like?

Thank you for your interest!