Hamburg, 25.03.2021

When maintenance teams are assigned to inspect the state of a facility or building, there is often still a vast lack of digitization. Data, images, and reports are, in the best-case scenario, transferred digitally to the respective property management or owner. But the process often requires time, multiple hours of work, and a stack of administrative tasks.
Because of that, FlyNex and KSI have partnered to bring their solution to the European market, offering an ability to stream inspections directly from drones to project managers, service providers, and teams. Available now, the German drone management platform FlyNex, in partnership with the US-based data specialists KSI Data Sciences, have created a solution that makes remote inspections or maintenance more effortless than ever. A pilot is on-site operating a drone, the rest of the team can be distributed worldwide viewing the live-stream video from the flight and working together. The service, MissionKeeper on FlyNex, is currently available for European companies.

Browser-based for All Online Devices

The KSI MissionKeeper app streams video or data feeds directly from a drone to a distributed team. Service teams and employees can view and collaborate together on any device. MissionKeeper on FlyNex is cloud-based, meaning customers can quickly deploy the new solution based on the FlyNex Enterprise Suite without the need for their own IT infrastructure or additional devices. Team members have access to the video and data feeds via a web interface. The stream is retrievable with every internet-capable device and from anywhere in the world. A significant time-saver for collaborative working, inspection teams have all information directly available and make immediate decisions together.

“As more and more drones and sensors are deployed in the workplace we are already seeing the need for widespread collaboration in real time and an increased demand for connected devices and interoperable apps,” Jon Gaster, CEO of KSI Data Sciences. “Bringing together the drone management platform from FlyNex and MissionKeeper from KSI will unlock new ways of making data and information accessible across the organization, delivering better outcomes and an improved return on any drone investment.”

“There is a high demand for remote data collection and platforms providing data-based insights on objects, properties, and assets. Offering the full workflow of managing and deploying drones for data collection, plus enabling teams and service partners to directly access the drone, is a true game-changer. The KSI MissionKeeper app for drones is such an enabler for construction, security and rescue, property management, and more,” adds Andreas Dunsch, CEO and co-founder at FlyNex.

Founded in 2015, FlyNex enables companies worldwide to use unmanned aerial systems for effective data generation. With its platform, FlyNex Enterprise Suite, the company provides the leading commercial drone project management software in Europe. KSI Data Sciences, headquartered in California, aims to revolutionize the way companies access, analyze and make collaborative decisions using remote data sources. KSI’s solutions “MissionKeeper” and “MissionCaster” are the latest solutions for delivering live video and telemetry data from drones and other IoT devices.
Besides remote maintenance, the live streaming component is as useful for countless other use cases such as public safety. In unclear situations, such as accidents or fires, the use of live streams by drones can help assess situations or locate injured people. For interested parties, FlyNex provides the setup for 30 days free of charge of MissionKeeper on FlyNex at

About FlyNex

Based in Leipzig, Hamburg, and San Francisco, FlyNex is the leading solution provider for commercial drone projects. With its software solution, FlyNex covers the entire commercial area of application for unmanned aerial systems. The business solution, FlyNex Enterprise Suite, enables companies in the construction, energy, and real estate sectors to plan drone missions, collect image and survey data, and then evaluate the data in their own or 3rd-party analysis applications.
With its solution to seamlessly integrate drones into their processes, companies reduce costs for inspection by up to 90% while increasing safety for personal and reducing time from planning to a final evaluation of gathered information.
FlyNex provides its FlyNex Enterprise Suite for renowned partners in construction, real estate, energy, and aviation, such as EnviaM, LEAG, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), or Goldbeck. Moreover, FlyNex participates in publicly funded federal and European trials for drone integration, medical delivery, and unmanned aerial solutions.

About KSI Data Sciences

Founded 2016 and headquartered in Playa Del Rey, California, KSI is the leader in delivering live video and telemetry data from drones and other IoT devices. Its software and hardware streamline the process of gathering intel from remote sources and simultaneously sharing it with multiple stakeholders worldwide for real-time analysis. KSI’s MissionKeeper and MissionCaster securely deliver the data a team needs to make immediate, informed, decisions.

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