Current Project Status

After two weeks MAP2FLY is now used daily by more than 500 people. Access has doubled. We constantly receive new suggestions for improvements and further hints. We have organized and sorted the feedback and are working constructively with many people to improve the map. As a first step, we have stabilized the infrastructure to make the service available reliably and quickly. The system is running!

New Updates

From the many proposals, we have implemented the first things. The search field has been adapted and updated. The data situation was improved, the information expanded in detail. A legend is now available to assign the individual data in color. Also, the function to activate all layers has been added. Many small elements in the map have been adapted. For mobile devices, the display in the respective browsers has been improved.

Further Development

Many features and further developments, such as an app for example, but also the complete software solution behind the map are already under construction. So we will gradually add more features and updates. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions to improve MAP2FLY.

Notes about MAP2FLY

Even though we are in contact with many public bodies and authorities regarding the map and discuss solutions, it remains the same: MAP2FLY only provides initial information. Always inform yourself at the responsible authorities and responsible offices. All authorities currently handle and interpret laws, applications, and ascents in completely different ways. We cannot and must not guarantee a legally secure ascent.

We are continuously developing the solution further.

The FlyNex Team

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