Flexible. Secure. Efficient.

Smart Data for Your Success.

Easily collect, centrally manage and intelligently evaluate data with FlyNex – for more efficiency throughout the entire value chain.


Automate processes and use resources more efficiently to collect high-quality data from your infrastructure, e.g., by drone.


Reduce on-site appointments by collecting data digitally and sharing information instantly with all team members, regardless of location.


Keep your staff safely on the ground and reduce hazards. Your data is also GDPR-compliant and stored securely on German servers in the cloud.


Carry out your data evaluation automatically with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and get the most accurate results even faster.


Keep an overview and manage all data on your objects and assets digitally. Create results and reports directly in the platform.

We know your challenges.

A tailored solution to your use case.

Energy and Supply

Detect damage to lines and masts early and initiate repairs before outages occur.

Real Estate

Keep track of thousands of properties and development projects. Accurate data helps you minimize risk and maximize your ROI.


Digitally record antennas and radio masts and save time and money when locating and inspecting your assets.

Construction and Infrastructure

Digitize construction projects or test objects. Create a uniform database for the entire team and meet deadlines effortlessly.

Countless opportunities through innovative and intelligent technologies.

We show you how other companies have gained a competitive advantage.

50 %

50 %

Time and cost savings thanks to automation.

On average, our customers save 50 percent in cost and time when inspecting and managing their corporate assets with FlyNex.

What Our Customers say.

FlyNex Testimonial - MITNETZ Strom

“Drones make it much easier to monitor the high-voltage network. They relieve our fitters, who are also better protected from the dangers of inspecting lines and systems.”

Jens Hache


FlyNex Testimonial - GMB LEAG Tochter

„AI analysis can detect damage such as cracks, rust, dirt or flaking on surfaces and automatically carries out a damage pattern analysis. All damage is displayed graphically. The results are convincing.“

Thomas Koch


FlyNex Testimonial - Telekom

„In the cooperation with FlyNex, we have already been able to see the advantages of using drones with some customers. These are not just cost aspects, but also the flexible use of the devices and the quality of the data collected.“

Marco Jäger


FlyNex Testimonial - Telekom

„The digitization of construction progress using drones is an important element in the entire construction process, operationally and strategically. Up-to-date, precise data is indispensable for systematized and synchronized trades.“

Jörg Renter


The FlyNex Platform.

Unleash the power of data.

Run your infrastructure from start to finish with complete control over processes and data.

Gain transparent insights into infrastructure assets and increase productivity with a complete end-to-end process.

Increase your ROI by preventing up to 90% of infrastructure damage and outages.

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