The project plan provides you with all options for creating and managing a project. Under the project plan you will find four tabs: “Project Data”, “Activities”, “Project File” and “Checklists”.

Under Project Data you can enter or change the following project data:

– Project name
– Address
– Planned project date
– Duration of the project
– Project status (New, Planning, Active, Completed)
– Project category (treetops, road construction, route construction, surveying)
– Description of the project
– Add employee, pilot and guests
– Mange equipment
– Register insurances

During the project, you can track all the activities.

Under Activities, you can create and coordinate tasks related to the project. In the comment section you now have the possibility to write comments and mention other project participants.

If you already have some important documents, permissions or other files for this project, you can easily upload and use them for the project. Just click on the respective icons under Projekt Data.

Under the Checklists you will still find our security checklists. With a Map2Fly Pro license, it is also possible to store individual checklists for your project processes.

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