Safety Obligation in the Real Estate Industry

The obligation to ensure safety is a topic that is of undeniable relevance, especially in the real estate industry. We explain why it's better to be safe than sorry. We also show how companies can meet the increasing demand for roof and facade inspections.

Real-time Video and Data Feeds From Drones

With FlyNex and KSI Data Sciences, video frames or measurement data from drones can be streamed in real-time. Regardless of location or device. This empowers teams to perform entire remote inspections simultaneously.

Data Collection With Drone – What About Data Protection?

How can data security be achieved when using drones and aerial data collection? The protection of data transmission and management is technically complex but can be managed centrally through FlyNex's integrated approach on the platform.

Checklists: The 101 for Drone Flights

All permits have been obtained, the pilot is ready, the residents have been notified, but nobody has charged the battery? With proper checklists, this will not happen to you. FlyNex explains what makes a good checklist.

New Feature: KML Data Import

From now on you can import KML files into Map2Fly projects. The new import function is now available to all users of the FlyNex Enterprise Suite and Map2Fly Pro.

FlyNex permission service

"Grüneflügel" from Wittingen was the first drone service provider to use FlyNex permission service for fly permissions to save time and money. We spoke with Olav Kaminski about his decision.

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