Urban Air Mobility.

New EU Rules on U-Space: Implementation in January 2023

The European Commission has adopted three new regulatory packages that will enable the conditions for the safe and environmentally friendly operation of unmanned aerial systems in the lower part of the airspace, known as U-Space.

City ATM – Drones Learn to Communicate

With its City-ATM project, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) aims to develop a sustainable air traffic management (ATM) system in urban airspace, thereby creating a regulated space for all airspace participants.

FlyNex now Partner of the ITS World Congress 2020

If next year on October 11th a whirring sound is heard in the air in Hamburg, chances are that it is an air taxi or a delivery drone. The reason is the ITS World Congress, aircraft, and automobile manufacturers, among others, will be presenting their latest achievements on the mobility issues of the future.

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