Documentation of Land Damage With Drones

Find out how FlyNex is revolutionizing corridor damage documentation with drone technology. Our latest blog article shows how this innovative solution is making the monitoring and maintenance of energy infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective. Read more about the benefits of precise damage detection and the synergy effects of bundled use cases.

2024-03-05T12:32:26+01:004. March 2024|Energy & Powerlines, News|

Effortlessly Inspect Spacer Dampers on Overhead Power Lines

In our latest blog post, we explore the role of these small components, why they are actually checked far too infrequently, and how modern drone technology is revolutionizing processes even in this area. Discover how FlyNex's innovative solution is replacing traditional inspection methods by significantly improving efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

2024-02-01T11:09:10+01:001. February 2024|Energy & Powerlines, News|

Today’s Grid Inspection: Fly a Drone and Then What?

Drones are increasingly used to supplement helicopters and climbers for network inspection. In the process, overhead line masts are flown over by drone to, for example, detect insulators' damage and check the mast for stability. But what happens afterward with the drone recordings, and how can drone data be used for more efficient inspection processes?

2022-12-01T11:22:16+01:0022. July 2022|Energy & Powerlines, News|
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