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Digitize Building Stock

Digital transformation in building management: With a digital building stock, companies work more efficiently and are future-proof. Find out why in the blog article!

Safety Inspections in the Real Estate Industry

Safety and responsibility in the housing industry: every real estate company has a duty of care. But why is too little attention often paid to this aspect in practice? Costs and effort naturally play a role here. But there are efficient ways of fulfilling this obligation.

Digital District Surveying

Digital district surveying through drone technology enables precise inventory recording and effective area management, allowing companies to save costs, increase transparency, and make more sustainable decisions.

Safety Obligation in the Real Estate Industry

The obligation to ensure safety is a topic that is of undeniable relevance, especially in the real estate industry. We explain why it's better to be safe than sorry. We also show how companies can meet the increasing demand for roof and facade inspections.

Real-time Video and Data Feeds From Drones

With FlyNex and KSI Data Sciences, video frames or measurement data from drones can be streamed in real-time. Regardless of location or device. This empowers teams to perform entire remote inspections simultaneously.

FotoCopter talks about inspection flights

Autumn is here. For many, this means that the drone is no longer in the air. But homeowners and managers pay attention: Right now, an inspection flight is particularly worthwhile!

Above the roofs of Dresden – An Interview with ITB Dresden

The housing and real estate company ITB from Dresden has been using drones for project development and building management since January this year. We spoke with René Bernhardt from ITB-Dresden GmbH about how drones have been integrated into everyday operations and what has changed since then.

Pretty Impressive: What Artificial Intelligence and Drones Can Detect

Thanks to high-resolution drone images and artificial intelligence in the evaluation, images can nowadays be evaluated fully automatically in a remarkably short time. Road or building damage of a few centimetres in size can thus be detected and evaluated by computer in a matter of seconds.

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