Hamburg/Bogotá, 17.02.2022 – The successful incorporation of drone technology in various sectors such as industrial inspection, agriculture, transportation, or the public sector has already been demonstrated in all regions of the world. Every day new drone applications emerge with a superior return on investment, resulting in lower costs, greater sustainability, safety, efficiency, and quality of the final products. The major challenge that companies, the public sector, and international organizations currently face is expanding the scope of this technology, synchronizing the obtained data, and automating and standardizing its analysis.

FlyNex and APD believe that the way people can access accurate data insights has a fundamental impact on a sustainable future. “By enabling a transparent, fast, and easy access to data generation with new technologies, we change the way people work and support the transformation of businesses, with deeper and continuous intelligence processes to make sustainable decisions. The partnership with APD strengthens this vision in Latin America,” says Andreas Dunsch, CEO and Co-Founder of FlyNex.

Latin America comprises more than 20 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries that together represent a market of more than 700 million people. “The importance of this market and the industrial development of the region can only be ensured by incorporating technology that allows quick and accurate decisions. This is where the strategic cooperation between APD and FlyNex takes on great relevance to support companies and organizations to change the way they generate and manage data for business intelligence”, said Daniel Conde, VP International Business Development and Co-founder of APD.

Experts from the leading European Drone Data and Workflow platform FlyNex and APD Integrated Drone Services (APD Inc.) are now collaborating to support large companies in the energy, telecommunication, security, infrastructure, agricultural, international cooperation, and public sector in Ibero-America in the entire process of implementing mission planning, processing, artificial intelligence, and reporting.

Education in the first place

FlyNex and APD are currently developing the First Diploma in Latin America to train “Drone Managers” – professionals from various sectors who manage multiple missions with drones and need to plan, control, and generate data for decision-making in their companies. This unique offer will include a FlyNex license for managing up to 100 assets and face-to-face training in an all-inclusive “Drone Camp” supported by APD’s educational platform and international instructors. The course will start in March 2022 and is aimed at professionals from over Latin America.

“APD will incorporate FlyNex’s cutting-edge technology in all its drone projects applied to end customers in the international cooperation, security, energy, communication, construction, and agriculture verticals to create drone data flows and provide business intelligence for each asset, achieving savings of up to 80% of our customers’ costs,” says Catalina González, Director of the Drone Think and Do Center of APD Inc.

Data analytics for Business Intelligence – The Future of the Drone Industry

The FlyNex Enterprise Suite provides a platform for digital drone data collection, processing, and asset management. The integrated software and artificial intelligence tools allow the collected images to be analyzed automatically and soon in real-time. For example, intelligence tools classify crops, detect territorial risks, perform security surveillance, or inspect critical infrastructure like electricity pylons.

“Data from drones already represent an enormous added value for the management of industrial inspections, as well as environmental and climate change measures, agricultural activities, and security control around the world. We are certain that Latin America will benefit very quickly from this new way of obtaining and processing important data”, says Christian Caballero, COO and Co-Founder of FlyNex.

FlyNex is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform for operations and data management with unmanned aerial systems. The integration of drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible to automate systematic planning, survey, and data analysis. Companies and organizations worldwide use the platform for a variety of purposes, including the digital management of assets such as industrial facilities, buildings, and terrain.

APD Inc. is a leading organization in developing standards, training, and implementation of drone technology in public and private organizations in Latin America. Through APD Academy, more than 6,000 professionals have been trained in drone technology in its Think & Do Tank (CPAD). Thanks to its “Integrated UAS Management System” (©SIGUAS), large and influential organizations throughout Latin America such as The Food and Agriculture Organizations – UN (FAO), the UN World Food Program (WFP), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) or SANOFI have successfully implemented drone technology in their projects.

Strategic alliance between German company FlyNex and APD from Latin America with HQ in Columbia (FlyNex GmbH)

About FlyNex

FlyNex, based in Leipzig, Hamburg, and San Francisco, is the leading software solution for commercial drone projects. Through its own cloud platform, FlyNex covers the full range of commercial applications for data collection by unmanned aerial systems.

FlyNex’s solution enables companies and organizations to digitally capture asset, facility, and building data using drones. The full integration of drones and Artificial Intelligence helps companies not only to collect data, but also to analyze it automatically.

FlyNex is successfully used as a drone management solution by renowned companies and technology leaders in the construction, real estate, energy, and aviation sectors. In addition, FlyNex is involved in innovation projects across Europe for the successful integration of drones, e.g., for medical transport, intelligent air traffic management, or air cab navigation.

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