Drones are in trend

More and more often, drones are mentioned in the media. Sometimes because of great achievements, such as successful rescue operations using a drone. Sometimes the negative and critical aspects are highlighted, for example, when there was another incident caused by drone disruptions at an airport. But the unmanned aerial vehicles do not only subjectively get more attention. Figures also show that their popularity is increasing. The number of those small aircrafts has more than tripled since 2015 and currently stands at over 500,000 drones in Germany. With half a million drones in circulation, you’re likely to see one or two of them.

We at FlyNex are also aware of the increase. This confirms us in our work, and we thank you very much for more than 10 million requests of flight and location information via our Map2Fly App! On average, own research on location regulations would take 3 hours. That means you have saved over 30 million hours of work thanks to us.

We are very happy that drone pilots feel safe with us!

Where are those drones?

Most drones are located in private households, which means hobby pilots use them. However, due to the full range of possible applications, more and more drones are also used commercially. In 2015 there were still 8 thousand companies using drones. According to a forecast by the Association of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by 2030, there will already be around 126 thousand drones – the trend is rising!

Drone-jobs will become more

In 2019, Germany was the second-largest UAV market in Europe, directly after France. Looking at the market size in relative terms on the number of employees, Germany ranks 10th, with Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark in the top three. Switzerland has a technological advantage due to many software companies, which benefits and simplifies the use of drones there. Norway supports the drone market development with, particularly good legislation. In international comparison, Europe ranks second in the UAV market, directly after North America. Day after day, unmanned aircraft are used for a wide variety of purposes. In the next few days, we will be presenting various fields of application for drones here on FlyNex.io and our social media channels.


Have a good flight!

Your FlyNex Team


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