In Rothenburg/Oberlausitz, Saxony, bachelor students were trained on the subject of drones. Within the context of a block seminar, the EASC e. V. (European Aviation Security Center) presented our interactive map Map2Fly to the students of the Saxon Police University.

It dealt with the safe use of drones as well as the prevention of danger.

The EASC is an association founded in 2008, which funds research and development projects in the field of aviation security. The training of security personnel is part of a sustainable security strategy.

“We do research for aviation security. We focus on the safe integration of official drones into the airspace and on the prevention of threats from drones. Situation picture information, mission planning and geoinformation are important points in our qualification measures.” – EASC e. V.


The Map2Fly as learning material

The EASC e. V. showed the current state of the art in drone technology.

The main topic was mission planning to prepare for the new challenges with drones in everyday police work. Therefore, the EASC e. V. presented the Map2Fly. The map was used to illustrate regulations for the operation of unmanned aircraft. Furthermore, various regulations could be displayed in a real environment.

The planning of flight routes as well as the creation of projects was especially interesting. The participants of the seminar were enthusiastic. Drone use is a new and exciting topic in police training.

Take a look at the Map2Fly web application yourself or download the app for free from the Playstore or the iOS App Store.

B. O. S. drones are multi-talented

Authorities and organizations with security tasks can use drones for high-risk missions.

“Authorities and organizations with security tasks” refers to the following institutions:

  • Police Department
  • Fire department
  • Civil Protection
  • Aid organizations and rescue services
  • Technical Relief Agency

The view “from above” provides a particularly good overview. This helps in optimizing operations, documenting and analyzing accidents or in the short-term monitoring of large areas.

Drones can also be equipped with thermal or infrared cameras. People can thus be found more quickly. UAVs are therefore ideally suited for recovering people and searching for missing persons. Megaphones can also be attached, which can be used for mass events and demonstrations. Fire Departments use drones to fight fires by detecting and specifically eliminating heat zones. Drones are already in use in several police authorities and special commandos in Germany.  They are used for surveillance, reconnaissance and situation awareness.

We are pleased to be part of innovative security concepts and would like to thank the Police University of Saxony and the EASC e. V. for their trust in our Map2Fly.

Your FlyNex Team


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