With over 10 million queries by users on our Map2Fly, the question arises as to what drones are actually used? The first part of the conference dealt with the development of the UAV market in Germany and the EU. Today, in the second part, we would like to look at the areas of application of drones.

Where drones are used

Especially popular are drones for surveying and inspection tasks. On construction sites, for example, areas and volumes are calculated to calculate the amount of building material or the number of truck trips. Modern energy companies, on the other hand, now inspect their electricity pylons using UAS instead of helicopters. The masts are checked for damage and bird’s nests. You can find out more about this here.

Your friend and helper – now also with drones

Authorities and organizations with security tasks also benefit from the aircraft. Equipped with special cameras, they can be enormously helpful in searching for people or fighting fires. If you are interested in this topic, please have a look at this blog article.

Flying eyes for new perspectives

Drones are also used to create film and photographic material. This can be very impressive and is increasingly used in the film industry.

In agriculture, unmanned aerial vehicles are used for ground area and plant analysis. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to determine the degree of maturity of plants and cereals. In addition, pests can also be precisely controlled. Farmers use special spraying drones for this purpose.

UAS are also increasingly being used to observe areas and construction sites and for mapping. A particularly well-known example of this is the rescue of fawns by drones. For this purpose, the farmers’ fields are searched by drones with infrared cameras. In this way, the small fawn can be detected quickly and can be rescued from the combine harvesters.

Drones as doctor-helpers – In Rwanda reality

In principle, drones have many advantages: they require fewer human resources, are cheaper, often faster, and can perform tasks that are dangerous for humans, such as roof inspections.

In the small country of Rwanda, Africa, drones have long been used as a common means of transport. The infrastructure there and the current legal situation favored the introduction of drones as suppliers for poorly connected areas and hospitals.

They are used to transport blood and plasma, but also medicines and vaccines.

We have already tested this here in Hamburg. In this blog post, you can learn more about our Medifly Hamburg project:


Next week we will introduce you to the people who professionally work with the little all-rounders.

See you next week,

Your FlyNex Team


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