Marco Jäger works in the housing industry at Telekom. He supports his customers, usually homeowners and young developers, in questions of maintenance, care, and general traffic safety of their real estate. Marco Jäger is increasingly assisting them from the air. Using a drone, he helps apartment and homeowners to determine whether their property meets the road safety requirements.

This includes, for example, checking trees, the condition of roofs and roof tiles, soiling of rain gutters and drains, or checking paths to discover possible dangers and to be able to eliminate them in time.

The possibilities

The clear view “from above” allows comprehensive data collection within a few minutes. With FlyNex as a partner, Telekom offers the following services:

  • Inspection e.g. of roofs, gutters, facades
  • Documentation of conversion work
  • Recording and visualization of existing buildings
  • 3D modeling of buildings and infrastructure
  • Construction progress documentation
  • Traffic Safety


The advantages

Regular inspections as part of facility management are time-consuming and costly. This is precisely where the strengths of drone use lie. Every flight can be planned highly individually and flexibly. Drones are transportable, and the erection of scaffolding is not necessary. The application scenarios are almost unlimited because drones and professional pilots can easily reach even places that are difficult to access. UAV flights save time and money and thus simplify facility management. FlyNex GmbH also offers prior planning and subsequent analysis of the recordings and collected data in addition to the flight itself.

Interview with Marco Jäger

Marco Jäger has been with Telekom since 2011 and has been working in the “Housing Industry” sales department since 2019. In addition to many other services, he now also offers his customers drone flights.

We were able to ask Marco Jäger about the new Telekom offering.

1. What does cooperation with FlyNex look like?

The FlyNex GmbH is a partner company of the Telekom. If a customer is interested in our drone service, we arrange a non-binding meeting with the FlyNex experts. Together we will go through the different application possibilities of the drones and discuss how these can fit your company and processes.

For this purpose, FlyNex offers software-based planning procedures, necessary permits, professional pilots, the appropriate drone, and the leading analysis software solutions on the market.

We remain the contact for the customer in all questions. Also, Deutsche Telekom will continue to be responsible for billing services.

2. How do your customers like the offer?

For many of our customers, this is the first time they have contacted drone services. Of course, there is some experience with drones in some cases. Still, so far, no one has dealt with drones’ professional integration into existing building inspection processes, construction progress documentation, or surveying. Telekom and its partner FlyNex offer all these areas from one source as a complete service.

To demonstrate an understanding of the added value in practice, we demonstrate the possibilities and the evaluation of a building selected by our customers. This is a quick and uncomplicated way to better assess the added value of the technology for you. Experience shows that customers well receive the offer.

3. Do you believe that the demand for drone services will grow in the future?

In our cooperation with FlyNex, we have been able to see the advantages of using drones with some customers. These are not only cost aspects but also the flexible use of the equipment and the quality of the data collected.

I firmly believe that drones will soon establish themselves as a component of digital facility management, especially in inspections. Therefore, the demand will undoubtedly grow in the future. The technology is also already available. Now we still have to exploit the advantages within the framework of the digitalization strategy.

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and thank Mr. Jäger for the interview.

Your FlyNex Team


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