Together with ITB GmbH in Dresden, FlyNex performed a real estate survey in January. The ITB GmbH is a specialist for project development and building management. It is responsible for various real estate and properties in Dresden, which will be inspected with drones in the future.


1. Workshop on Drones for Planned Real Estate Flying

ITB GmbH wanted to expand its services to include drone flight services. For this purpose, pilots were to be trained in a workshop in order to have the necessary expertise with the newly acquired equipment for flying. FlyNex was asked to prepare the workshop conceptually and to conduct it for the ITB employees. The content focused on conveying the technical knowledge required for safe and successful use of drone aircraft and making it applicable in practice. The workshop also focused on the Map2Fly software and the efficient processing of the collected data. Elements of the workshops included flight planning, flying to waypoints and data evaluation.

2. Project Management and Flying with ITB

A hotel building of the company was flown to for testing and training purposes. At first, our pilot Frank Lochau demonstrated the ideal flight. Then the three newly trained pilots of ITB GmbH flew the object. Frank Lochau was available for questions and tips. With the new own possibilities of flying, the main goal is to save costs and time when inspecting real estate, energy facilities, roofs, etc.

FlyNex ITB Dresden

3. ITB Takes Over

In the future, ITB will offer drone flights to document construction progress and large construction sites. In addition, the drones are used to check house facades, roof surfaces, photovoltaic systems, and other places that are difficult to access. Wind power plants or energy networks can now be inspected by ITB as well.

We are glad that we could help and wish further success in the use of the drones! You can find the web presence of the ITB GmbH Dresden at

Your FlyNex Team


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