Experienced drone service provider in the real estate and industrial environment

Grüneflügel Luftaufnahmen is a nationwide service provider for professional aerial photography by drone. Olav Kaminski and his company have been active in the market for over five years. One focus of his missions is the inspection of buildings and industrial plants. Especially construction progress documentation and facade inspections can be created and carried out quickly and precisely by drone thanks to his experience.

The problem with permits for drone flights

Mr. Kaminski wanted to complete a construction progress documentation for his customer in the Nuremberg area. “The legal requirements differ from state to state. Just finding out the requirements and the correct forms costs me several hours regularly,” explains Olav Kaminski. Sixteen federal states, in some cases, several state aviation authorities and other approving bodies, various telephone calls and e-mails: In more complex projects, an applicant needs an average of five hours to research the legal documents until the final application. Since time is known to be worth money, this effort can be better invested in the actual project implementation or the acquisition of new projects.

“To know where I am allowed to fly, I first planned my project in Map2Fly. However, due to the complex requirements for railway lines and highways, I wanted to be on the safe side,” explains Kaminski. Therefore he first contacted the support of FlyNex. He was able to share his project with the support team via the FlyNex Dashboard, and a first approach was discussed.

FlyNex makes fly permissions easy

Grüneflügel was the first provider of drone services to decide to use the FlyNex permission service. In total, no more than 30 minutes were required for this.

“All I had to do was plan my project in the FlyNex software, share it with FlyNex, and briefly answer a few questions. Afterward, I could immediately focus on my other projects,” says the owner of Grüneflügel. Within a few days, the approval, including a checklist, was available, and from a legal point of view, nothing was standing in the way of Grüneflügels’ customer project.

How you can use the FlyNex permission service

It is undisputed that the use of commercial drones will increase massively overall. FlyNex has been involved in the field of unmanned aerial systems for many years and also monitors the forthcoming changes and regulations at the European level. The aim is to simplify the approval process between UAV service providers and the authorities even further. To this end, FlyNex is actively working with authorities on digital solutions. For example, FlyNex was able to obtain approval for an extensive project within three weeks. A total of over 20 km of flight out of the visual line of sight (BVLOS) was to be carried out for the inspection of energy networks. Read more about this here:

The costs of the permit service depend on the administrative costs of the authorities and the time required. They start at 149,00 €. If you are interested in our permission service, then simply plan your project in the FlyNex software Map2Fly and then write us an e-mail at service@flynex.de.


We want to thank Grüneflügel for the cooperation.

Your FlyNex Team


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