While the first National Aviation Conference is taking place in Leipzig, the debate about new bans on drone flights near airports is making headlines. To increase security at German airports, the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) has been commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport to develop an action plan for drone detection. According to various media reports, this plan will be in place by 30 September.

In this context, there is talk of the establishment of new prohibition zones for drone flights. What these zones should look like and for which locations they should apply, however, is currently causing great confusion. While TagesschaunTV and the rest of the Welt are talking about 18 km of large prohibition zones around airports, airliners.de is only talking about additional protection options along the approach and departure routes. It is still unclear whether such new rules will apply to all German airports affected by the already introduced 1.5 km no-fly zone, or only to airports.

Comprehensive bans throughout Germany?

The map shows that this supposedly small difference in the choice of words has enormous effects on the affected area of Germany. In the case of airports, either 11% of the country’s surface area would be affected, or as much as 90% for all airports! So the devil is in the detail. The same applies to the differentiation between bans within a radius of 18 km and only additional protection areas for arrivals and departures.

In any case, the use of new technologies and concepts in connection with effective traffic management for drones is necessary. If additional bans are imposed, the authorities will also have to deal with additional applications, exemptions and permits. In future, the police forces of the federal states could be responsible for drone defence, but it is not yet clear what this will look like in practice. Technological approaches to drone detection and defence therefore appear to be much more expedient than further, imprecise regulations. Our business location needs more political initiative than actionist bans without prospects. We also hope that the Aviation Conference in Leipzig will provide us with statements on this subject.

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