Managing a major construction project is a thankless job. The schedule is tight, the construction complex and the public pressure high thanks to media attention. Even minor mistakes and delays can make the project a laughing stock. And God forbid that something bigger goes wrong and the budget is not sufficient. Then comes the media furor, and politicians looking for culprits.

The best example of this is, of course, to be found in the German capital Berlin: BER Airport. Construction began in 2006, and flight operations were originally scheduled to begin in 2011. Eight years and the biggest construction scandal in German history later, the opening date is currently set for October 2020. The reason: Massive construction defects and planning errors even before the start of construction.

Planning and documentation from a bird’s eye view

Avoidable problems, sure. But actually avoiding them is easier said than done. For the construction projects of the future to run more smoothly, technological support must be provided. This begins in the planning phase and continues through permanent monitoring of construction progress. We are, of course, talking about UAVs.

Properly equipped, drones are the ideal tool for planning and implementing a large-scale construction project. With them, the area to be developed can be surveyed in a fraction of the time a surveying technician would need on foot. Afterward, a detailed 3D model is created from the images, which serves as a planning basis for the further construction project.

And that’s not all: if construction is already in full swing, the best way to follow its progress is from a bird’s eye view. This is impressively demonstrated by current video footage of the Stuttgart railway station construction site. In addition, the compact size of the aircraft makes it possible to take detailed pictures of places that are difficult to access, such as air shafts or fire protection systems.

Large projects need the right software

Thanks to UAVs, construction projects can be planned and documented faster, cheaper and in more detail. In this way, less serious errors occur from the outset and if something goes wrong, the problem is detected and corrected more quickly. But this requires the right software and management solutions, and FlyNex can provide those.

With MAP2FLY you get the leading map service for drone projects including comprehensive information on the legal framework. HORIZON offers you a complete solution for the workflow of planning, flying and analysis for every construction project. Inform yourself today, and your opening date won’t be delayed!

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