Maps & Surveying.

Digital District Surveying

Digital district surveying through drone technology enables precise inventory recording and effective area management, allowing companies to save costs, increase transparency, and make more sustainable decisions.

New DOPs of Brandenburg available

The new digital orthophotos for Brandenburg are visible on Map2Fly. The improved aerial photos allow a better orientation and flight planning in the web and mobile version of Map2Fly.

Surveying with drones – the key to success

Surveying with drones is much more efficient than conventional ground surveying. In an interview with Frank Lochau, we look at the current market situation and he gives us an insight into one of his latest drone surveying assignments.

Geodata – important facts for a future with drones

Geodata for unmanned aerial systems Unmanned aviation systems, colloquially often called drones or copters, are legally assigned to aviation. Therefore it is relatively obvious to deal with aspects of aviation for the ascent with a device. For many pilots on [ ... ]

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