Today, we celebrate FlyNex‘ 5th anniversary! Back in 2015, only the idea of an automated workflow for drone-based projects existed. Since then, the drone market and -technology has come a long way.

We have to admit, the years pass fast if you are always heading towards the future. That is why, today, after 5 years of hard work and growing, we will allow ourselves to turn to the past and recall the highlights of our journey.

To do so, we asked those who have been part of FlyNex since the very beginning: the founders.

FlyNex COO Christian Caballero

My favorite highlight is definitely the go-live of “Map2Fly” 3 years ago. I remember when the access numbers literally exploded and we had over 1 million hits within the first 15 hours. We were really excited. A little later Andreas stood on a stage at CEBIT in front of a world audience as CEO with the release of our management platform. The interest in our work has been enormous ever since.

But another highlight is definitely our first big Christmas party in 2017 with over 20 employees. That was great. I had a good feeling of being able to offer people a job, exciting tasks and a great team and I got goose bumps because the responsibility was especially noticeable at Christmas time.

FlyNex CTO Holger Dirksen

My highlight starts with the founding of FlyNex. The beginning of an adventurous journey with three dedicated colleagues, whom I didn’t even know personally, was inspiring and exciting. The vision of that time still drives me today and although we were not right in all points, it has been shown until today that we were simply ahead of our time.

But even now, when we receive positive feedback from many sides, there are still moments, as in the past, when the four of us do not necessarily agree, but in the end we still find the best solution. This is a recurring theme in the past and will hopefully accompany me/us in the future.

FlyNex CFO Michael Petrosjan

The last 5 years have really flown by. Every day was a little highlight for me. But two points definitely stand out. First, the release of our Map2Fly in January 2018, which enabled us to make our product accessible to everyone for the first time, completely flexible and independent of location.

Secondly, I must mention the BVLOS flight in January 2020. There we inspected a total of 70 power lines and masts with MITNETZ STROM. We were the first to demonstrate that BVLOS flights are possible over long distances and that drones can be implemented in the energy industry in a scalable manner. I am looking forward to the next few years in which we will have further opportunities to make exactly that possible for other industries and companies.

FlyNex CEO Andreas Dunsch

I can’t filter my highlights of the last 5 years so exactly, because there were simply a lot of moments and development progress. One highlight, however, is definitely to follow how the team develops with growing tasks. If you then follow how each individual grows and how personal growth is coupled with the successes in the company development, I am especially happy!
My personal highlight against this background is my very personal learning success when I look back today! I have learned an incredible amount! For the company, I consider it an absolute highlight how we have developed as the leading solution for a constantly growing market in the drone environment. And from this position, there will be many more highlights waiting for us!

We would like to take this opportunity to look at the partners, supporters, and above all, the users who have accompanied us over the years. Every day we are now in contact with companies and people around the world through feedback, joint projects, and flights. Together with us, they are realizing the vision of using drones for a wide range of applications in medicine, construction, energy supply or other areas.

Thank You! And cheers to the next 5 years and beyond.

Your FlyNex Team


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