Since the new EU drone regulation, all drone pilots need a “drone license”. Exceptions apply only to toy drones. In this case, no certificate is required. In all other cases, you must have at least an EU Certificate of Knowledge. For drone flights in the operating category “open” A2, “specific” and “certified”, the more extensive proof of knowledge, the so-called EU Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency, is required. This includes all commercial drone flights. If you fly without or with the wrong certificate, it can be very expensive. More about that here.

In today’s article, you will find out what is new about the certificate of competence and what you need to bear in mind when transferring your old drone license.


Since the beginning of the year, drone pilots can obtain the EU Certificate of Knowledge on the LBA website. The exam is not difficult and passed within a few minutes. We had compiled more information about the exam here. After passing the exam, you will be asked to upload your ID card and, if available, a drone insurance certificate for identity verification.

With the EU Certificate of Knowledge, you can fly in the operating category “open” A1 and A3.


For “open” A2 and the other two categories of operation “specific” and “certified”, you need the EU Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency.

You will receive this upon proof of the EU Certificate of Knowledge, a practical self-study, and a theory test. You must submit a declaration about the practical self-study. Here you can find the relevant form and further information on how to do this. Selected testing centers of the LBA conduct training courses and the theory examination.

Several unofficial test centers on the web also offer the EU Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency. However, FlyNex recommends that you contact one of the recognized test centers from the list. This list is updated regularly, as the certification of the testing centers by the LBA is still in progress.

Certificate of Knowledge and Certificate of Remote Pilote Competency


Starting in the 4th quarter of 2021, the LBA will offer the opportunity to have national fight certificates rewritten into the EU Certificate of Knowledge. This will be possible until 01.01.2022.

Old Certificate of Knowledge

However, the LBA does not recommend a rewrite, and FlyNex does not recommend the procedure either. The reasons for this are strong:

1. The transfer will probably be more expensive than the examination for the EU Certificate of Knowledge itself. The EU Certificate of Knowledge can currently still be obtained online from the LBA completely free of charge until a fee schedule is established by law.

2. The transferred Certificate of Knowledge is only valid for the duration of the old certificate, whereas a completely new certificate is valid for five years.

3. The national certificate can only be transferred into the EU Certificate of Knowledge and never into the EU Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency. This is especially not helpful to those who need to fly commercially.

The online training for the EU Certificate of Knowledge also provides insight into the new regulations from the EU Drone Regulation and, despite its simplicity, is recommended. FlyNex advises you to take the test for the EU Certificate of Knowledge via the LBA website and not to transfer your old certificate. Click here to take the exam:

We wish you safe flights,

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