We are delighted that our event was so well received by the participants. After the exciting lectures, there was a lively exchange between us and the participants, but there was also a lot of discussion and exchange among each other.

Here is the summary of the presentations at the Business Forum Drones 4 Energy:

The focus of our business forum was on the following energy topics:

  • Digital Twins – how to make a digital copy of the existing world
  • Thermography with drones
  • Data security
  • Mapping with geodata
  • Roof inspections with drones
  • Flight plan approval
  • How to use geodata to plan projects

Speakers and their topics

  • Tobias Wentzlar, EMEA Enterprise Business Development Manager for DJI, spoke about data security to enhance the workflow of drone operations
  • Christof Hellmis, Vice President at HERE Technologies, spoke about the integration of drones into the daily business and geodata for autonomous vehicles
  • Manuela Rasthofer, CEO at Terraloupe, spoke about the creation of the digital twin and its benefits for various business sectors
  • Viola Hoffmann, Managing Director at UCAIR, spoke about the use of drones in thermography inspections of PV systems

Start-Up Pitches

Another highlight were the presentations of the three invited start-ups AIRTEAMJOIN, and QLX. Innovative ideas are always an enrichment and inspiration for existing companies.

In the pitches different use cases were demonstrated, which could not have been more different:

  • Ricardo Rohland, Blockchain Evangelist at JOIN, presented how digital flight plan validation can be realized with the help of Blockchain.
  • Gautier Chapuis, founder & CTO of AIRTEAM, presented how the company uses drones for roof inspections.
  • Ingolf Leithoff, founder of QLX, presented the use of geodata to create 3D models of objects, i.e. bridges in real time.

Afterwards, the participants of our Business Forum were able to decide which pitch they liked the most with the voting tool TOM.VOTE.

The winner of the prize was QLX with 82% of the votes.

We hope that the prize money of € 1.000 is a pleasure and wish QLX all the best for the future.

On our own behalf – Presentation of GEOSPHERE

We had a little surprise and presented something new as well:

The brand new GEOSPHERE video!

The geodata behind our software is so extensive that we thought about distributing it independently. The advantage is that companies can integrate our geodata into their own products via an interface (API). The background is that in the past, we were repeatedly asked about it by companies. The enthusiasm for and interest for our database with more than 165 verified data sources was very high. However, since some companies have already invested in their own project management systems for drone missions, we have decided to supply the geodata for this independently of HORIZON or MAP2FLY. Soon we will report more about GEOSPHERE here on our blog.

The video is now available on VIMEO!


In addition to the whole innovation, the fun was of course also on our agenda. Our band has given everything, and we hope that nobody missed out on anything. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers for their active participation and great presentations!

Due to the positive response before, during and after the event, we are already looking forward to the next event, probably in a larger group. Our industry is growing and the interest of business and industry in the topic of drone integration into existing work processes is growing more and more.

Last but not least, we would like to show you some pictures taken at the event:

The FlyNex Team


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