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Learn here the first steps of how to use Map2Fly for professional work with drones, including flight planning, project management, and documentation.

The Map in Map2Fly

The map is the starting point for all activities with a drone. You start on the map as a standard view to orient yourself spatially here, identify possible constraints and flight zones, and start your planning.

Plan a Flight

If you want to perform certain tasks with a drone, it is always useful to plan the flight in advance. Whether it’s for video or photography, an inspection of buildings or areas, technical tasks such as surveying or documentation, a drone can be used for many purposes. Each one makes special demands on the preparation. We would like to show you here basically how to plan a flight.

More Questions?

You can find more help in our FAQs for the most frequently asked questions about Map2Fly and Map2Fly Pro.

Map2Fly FAQ’s
Grafik "Noch Fragen?"

Want to take off? Map2Fly offers much more besides map-based drone flight planning. Manage teams, store all drone images directly in the cloud, use the flight log, and much more…

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