White Paper

Geodata for the Drone Industry.

In the age of digitization and Industry 4.0, data is the key to success. This also applies to the drone business.

Valid geodata is essential for drones‘ safe and efficient operation for business purposes. For example, they can describe the exact position, movement, shape, or size of objects in the real world and are widely used in maps and navigation systems. They help ensure that airspace is used safely and that drone operators meet their responsibilities in terms of safety and compliance and comply with laws and regulations.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • What is geodata and how relevant is it for the drone industry?
  • Which data sources exists in Germany and how can data be processed?
  • What are geo services and what are their advantages?

  • What is the use of geodata in the energy industry?

Please give an approximate indication of the objects (or assets) that your company manages, supervises, operates, or inspects per year.

Example for one object (asset): a power pole, a mast, a building, one hectare of solar park, one hectare of agricultural or forest land, a construction project, or similar.

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