Hamburg, 02/02/2022 – Swiss software company Drone Harmony specializes in automation software for data acquisition with drones. Together with FlyNex, a Germany-based drone management platform, both companies now joined forces to provide a fully integrated drone workflow solution to conduct data retrieval processes with drones.

Both companies are already leading solution providers in Europe’s growing commercial drone market. Drone Harmony focuses on the three-dimensional data collecting process with a sophisticated toolset for automated missions. FlyNex, on the other hand, is integrating the complete workflow of planning drone operations, integrating devices, teams, and projects, and connecting third-party solutions for the analysis of data. By that, FlyNex and Drone Harmony allow an integrated 3D mission planning in a scalable cloud-based drone management platform.

Strong focus on large number of assets

Construction, energy, telecommunications, and real estate companies with generally more than 1,000 assets depend on highly automated and repeatable processes to retrieve data accurately. The most prominent use cases are inspection of facilities and buildings, documentation, or surveying jobs. For most companies in this area, the cut of “time to data” means the required time span to collect and analyze data from a particular asset, and, as a result, reduced costs of 50% and more are the main drivers for deploying drones.

“In today’s trending digitalization efforts companies face the challenge to scale up their drone-based inspection workflows across thousands of infrastructure assets. The FlyNex platform brings everything needed for this scale-up into one place, thereby offering an integrated and comprehensive workflow for enterprises. We are therefore thrilled that FlyNex chose Drone Harmony for automating the data acquisition needs of their platform.” states Martin Fuchsberger, CEO and Co-Founder of Drone Harmony.

“We are very enthusiastic to provide these technological possibilities that soon. For the first time, companies are able to digitize the complete workflow of planning, performing, and evaluating aerial data with drones. Drone Harmony closes the gap of repeatable and automated data collection on the FlyNex Platform. This brings us closer to realizing our mission of empowering corporations to use high-end data generation technologies such as drones for scalable data-driven operations.” explains Andreas Dunsch, CEO and Co-Founder of FlyNex.

Two well-known players in the market

FlyNex, based in Leipzig, Hamburg, and San Francisco, is the leading software solution for commercial drone projects. Via its cloud platform, FlyNex covers the entire commercial application range for data acquisition by unmanned aerial systems. FlyNex’s solution allows companies and organizations to digitally obtain data with drones from assets, facilities, and buildings. The full integration of drones and AI helps companies collect data and automatically analyze it.

Drone Harmony is a Swiss company active globally. Since its establishment in 2016, Drone Harmony customers successfully automated over 350,000 commercial drone flights in a large variety of application domains all over the world. The engine inspects telecommunication towers, electric grids, infrastructure networks (railways, roads, pipelines, etc.), bridges but also offers unique terrain-aware surveys, not available anywhere else in the current market.

About FlyNex

FlyNex, based in Leipzig, Hamburg, and San Francisco, is the leading software solution for commercial drone projects. Through its own cloud platform, FlyNex covers the full range of commercial applications for data collection by unmanned aerial systems.

FlyNex’s solution enables companies and organizations to digitally capture asset, facility, and building data using drones. The full integration of drones and Artificial Intelligence helps companies not only to collect data, but also to analyze it automatically.

FlyNex is successfully used as a drone management solution by renowned companies and technology leaders in the construction, real estate, energy, and aviation sectors. In addition, FlyNex is involved in innovation projects across Europe for the successful integration of drones, e.g., for medical transport, intelligent air traffic management, or air cab navigation.

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