FlyNex KSI Controler Drone

Your Real-time Video & Data Feeds

Direct-to-Drone-Link: Connect and collaborate live with drones for inspection tasks, remote monitoring, on construction sites, or for documentation.

Manage large numbers of buildings,
objects, and projects fully remotely.

Together with KSI Data Sciences, FlyNex offers the leading solution for drone mission streaming and direct-to-drone-links. Regardless of the use case, give access to construction sites and inspection tasks from anywhere in the world. Your experts can directly stream from a locally deployed drone, instead of being there in person.

  • Live Streaming with low latency

  • Multiple Video Feeds

  • Collaborative interface across any device

KSI Data Sciences FlyNex


Request your Test Kit until 03/31/2021 to get
full access to the FlyNex Enterprise Suite

KSI App on FlyNex Enterprise Suite

Our cloud platform of the FlyNex Enterprise Suite in connection with the KSI Data Sciences applications allows a secure and fast deployment of drones with a real-time video and data link.

Just request our test kit and we send over the full setup, incl. FlyNex Enterprise Suite access, connected KSI app, and pre-configured drone controller for your pilots.

Andreas Dunsch FlyNex

Your contact for implementing KSI on FlyNex

Andreas Dunsch

CEO & Co-Founder

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