Plug and Play Geodata

Valid and accurate spatial data and geo-information are of crucial importance for unmanned aviation. Integrate comprehensive geodata directly into your own products and GIS solutions. FlyNex Geosphere allows you to obtain official and valid data as a pay-as-you-go solution. We provide spatial data “on-demand” via common interfaces. Feel free to contact us in case of questions and technical requirements.

Laptop Kartenoptionen

Add one of the most comprehensive collections of geodata to your solution. Extend your existing products with accurate information and metadata.

Create high-precision maps and products for your individual unmanned aviation use cases.

  • Data for UTM-Service-Provider
  • Optimize your own GIS-Stacks
  • Building Urban Air Mobility solutions
  • Obtain automated data updates
  • Operate control center for unmanned aviation

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Free White Paper on Geodata-as-a-Service

Qualified, up-to-date geoinformation, forms the basis for spatial images. Especially for Unmanned Aviation, conditions are constantly changing. Spatially through physical changes and legally through increasing regulations. In our white paper Geosphere, we explain the fields of application, challenges, and solutions for the demanding task of Geodata-as-a-Service.