Permissions in the application


This role is the standard role for creating new users.

The user may:
– Create projects
– Edit projects (if the role has project owner or employee in the project)
– Read projects (if the project has at least the role reader)

Note: The user authorization role is independent of the actual user license.


The administrator may:
– manage
– create
– edit
– read
everything in the application. These rights include all projects.

Authorizations in Projects

Project Owner

The project owner has the same rights as an employee.
In addition, Project Owners can delete projects and assign or change roles in the project.


The pilot has the same rights as an employee. However, the role of the pilot is somewhat more prominent in the responsibility for project implementation. It is advisable to store the proof of knowledge as a pilot (drone pilot lisence) in the user profile.


The employee has the same rights as a project reader. In addition, he or she may edit projects.


The reader (or guest) may read or view projects, but not change them.

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