Draw Room

This allows you to draw an airspace at the beginning of your flight planning. Click on the pentagonal symbol. Your cursor turns into a cross. Set your first point on the map. Then add as many points as you like until your room is drawn. Finish drawing with a double click. If you do not want to draw a room, you do not have to do it. Instead, you can draw a flight route straight away. Your flight route will then automatically be added to a room.

Draw Flight Route

You can use this tool to draw your individual flight route. Click on the symbol with the zigzag line and the small dots. Your cursor becomes a cross. Set your first marker on the map. Then add the other markers to your flight route. Complete the drawing of your flight route with a double click. If necessary, adjust the markers by clicking and dragging.

In the flight plan, under “route planning”, you can view all the rooms and routes that have been drawn. You can go through the individual points again, name them individually and define their respective maximum flight altitude. You can also view the individual coordinates. To add further points, simply click on the small dots between two existing points. This procedure can be repeated as often as you like.

Click on a point, and move it while holding down the mouse button to change its position (dragging). To delete a point, click on it and then click on “Delete” on the right.

Draw Point

Click on the marker symbol to set a point. Click on the location on the map where you want to set the point. Label and describe your point under “Route planning” and color it if you wish.

Combine Flight Routes

With ” Combine Flight Routes” you can connect two flight routes with each other so that only one merged flight route remains. To do this, click on “Connect Flight Route” and then click on the flight routes that you want to connect. To deselect the tool, click anywhere else on the map.

Measure Line

With this tool you can draw a line and have it measured. The total length is shown in a small pop-up at the bottom center of your screen. If required, you can copy out the number. Press “OK” to remove the pop-up and the measurement line.

Measuring Polygon

With this tool you can draw a polygon and we will measure the area for you. As with the distance measurement, the total area is displayed in a small pop-up in the bottom center. There you can also copy out the number. If you press “OK” the pop-up disappears as well as the measurement.


With the help of the “Delete” icon, you can delete individual parts of your previous route drawing or the entire drawing. To delete an individual component (e.g. point, route), first click on this component and then click on “Delete”.

If you want to delete the entire planning, click on any point on the map outside your drawing and then click on the delete symbol. You will then be asked for confirmation.

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