The drawing tools for flight planning can be found in the project at the Flight planning / Map function. All drawing tools can be found above the map.

Draw room

This allows you to draw in an flight area at the beginning of your flight planning.

1) Click Draw room.

2) Use the cross in the map to set your first point. Then add as many points as you like until your flight area is completely drawn.

3) Finish drawing your flight area with a double click.

Note: If you do not want to draw a flight area separately, you can also draw a flight route directly.

Draw flight route

With this you can individually draw your flight route.

1) Click Draw flight route.

2) Use the cross on the map to set your first point. Then add the other points of your flight route.

3) Finish drawing your flight route with a double click.

Note: Click on the individual points one after the other in the completed flight route to correct or delete them if necessary. Also, you can add more points by clicking on the smaler points between two of your flight route points.


Serves for setting own punctual markings.

1) Click the Marker buttpn.

2) Click in the map on the place where you want to set the marker.

3) Label and describe your marker at Marker and give it its own color.

Measure line

With this tool you can draw in a line and have it measured.

Measure ploygon

With this tool you can draw any polygon and we will measure the area for you.


With the help of the Delete tool you can delete individual components of your previous route drawing or the entire drawing. To delete a single component (e.g. point, route), first click on this component and then click on the icon Delete.

If you want to delete the entire planning, click on any point outside your drawing in the map and then click Delete. You will be asked for confirmation afterwards.