Take measurements in Map annotation or add additional notes and symbols on the map. Additionally, increase the level of detail by including an orthophoto.

Where can I find the Map annotation?

1) Open a project.

2) Open the Map annotation function.

3) Locate the desired place on the map by entering the location or navigate the map by panning (click and drag).

4) Choose between different tools:

Adding notes and symbols

Select the appropriate tool and click on the map for a note or various symbols. Create your own categories in your settings.

Take measurements

Select the Measure polygon or Measure line tool for more detailed planning projects.

Create Report

Summarize all additions to the map in a report as a PDF file.

Note: All notes, symbols, and surveys are available in parallel in the Flight planning / Map function under the Custom layer and can be included for planning.

How can I embed an orthophoto?

For the integration you need a ready calculated orthophoto in the same project. To activate the orthophoto, place a check mark in the list provided.

Note: If there is no orthophoto in the list, the calculation of an orthophoto is necessary first.