Where can I find the Team function?

1) Switch to your company account by clicking on your profile picture in the main menu on the right side ( Note: Administrator rights are required for this).

2) Open Team.

How can I create team members?

1) Click on Add new team member.

2) Deposit all data for the new team member and assign him/her all necessary company roles.

3) Confirm with Save (Note: If the new team member already has an account at FlyNex, you can not add him/her via this way. You can assign this user directly at Assign team member in your objects or projects).

How can I change the location for a team member?

1) Open Settings in the company account.

2) Add the desired locations about the Locations tab.

3) Open Team in your Company Account.

4) Place a checkmark by the desired team member and click on Location.

5) Adjust the location and confirm with Save.

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