How can more than 100,000 kilometers of energy network be kept fit for the increasing energy demand in the future?

Digitize the inspection of overhead power lines, high-voltage towers, and photovoltaic systems using drones. FlyNex supports you in this.
Generate high-quality image material of damage and vegetation with FlyNex in the shortest possible time and analyze the data obtained using artificial intelligence. Document and share your insights with the entire team in real time.

FlyNex Digitalisierte Netzinspektion per Drohne
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Inspect more than twice as many towers and lines as with traditional methods.


Keep track of lines and masts digitally and automatically detect damage.


Carry out inspections via drone and leave your technicians on the ground.

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“Drones make it much easier to monitor the high-voltage network. They relieve our fitters, who are also better protected from the dangers of inspecting lines and systems.”

Jens Hache, Project lead drones @MITNETZ, MITNETZ STROM
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Benefit from digitized network inspection and find out more!


Please give an approximate indication of the objects (or assets) that your company manages, supervises, operates, or inspects per year.

Example for one object (asset): a power pole, a mast, a building, one hectare of solar park, one hectare of agricultural or forest land, a construction project, or similar.

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