with Flynex and denkweit to your own ai

With the AI-powered image analysis from DENKweit, companies can have images analyzed directly by drone via FlyNex.

The FlyNex Enterprise Suite links your project management with drone data collection and subsequent automated AI analysis of your objects.

Test the precision and quality of the image AI from DENKweit without obligation.

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  • AI-assisted inspection of networks

  • Automatically identify damage and structures

  • Record damage and cracks in the millimeter range

  • Object classification for large image sets

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Train your own AI engine for free

By training a neural network with a few sample images, large quantities of images are then automatically evaluated for corresponding objects, damage, or defined structures. Train your own AI engine for free!

Please give an approximate indication of the objects (or assets) that your company manages, supervises, operates, or inspects per year.

Example for one object (asset): a power pole, a mast, a building, one hectare of solar park, one hectare of agricultural or forest land, a construction project, or similar.

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