From individual aerial flights to fully automated processes: Drone-based data acquisition of fields, forests, and areas enables a wide range of applications. With the All-in-One-Platform from FlyNex, data can be automatically collected, digitally retrieved, and analyzed. Leverage the benefits of cloud-based data management and perform accurate and comprehensive condition analyses.

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From Drone to Dashboard

Drone data from plants are transmitted by the drone via pre-integrated interfaces and analyzed by the AI engine of Pheno-Inspect. For agriculture, this opens up completely new application possibilities for phenotyping and quality control.

The automatable use of drones with high-resolution cameras or multispectral sensor technology ensures that data can be collected and evaluated in just a few hours, which is crucial, for example, for active ingredient management and ultimately a continuous increase in yield.

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Use Drones for…

  • Digital phenotyping and seed control

  • Multispectral vitality and stress analysis of soils

  • Digital plant census & vegetation index

  • Digital comparison images for maturity determination

  • Photogrammetric ground survey & mapping

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One Platform – Multiple Applications

Use fully preconfigured solutions, without local installations or individual contracts.

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