Remote maintenance is a word that we have come across more and more often recently. We will explain what this trend is about.

Remote Maintenance

“Remote Maintenance” describes maintenance, inspection and repair work without personal presence at the object.

The first service of remote maintenance is known as telephone support or Internet support for both hardware and software. In the meantime, especially programs and software are automatically maintained, updated and repaired if necessary. With the technologization of work processes, more and more maintenance work is being carried out by remote maintenance.

Drones as a Tool for Remote Maintenance

Drones count as a relatively new tool for the maintenance and inspection of objects. The number of tasks that involve the maintenance or inspection of an object is constantly increasing.

For example, energy companies can use drones to inspect their power poles. In Germany, the electricity grid covers a total of approximately 2,000,000 kilometers. These are still mainly inspected by climbers or helicopters. Drone flights can be carried out without any problems and without having a pilot on site. The so-called BVLOS flights (flights outside the pilot’s visual range) are already easy to implement in practice and technically. MITNETZ Strom in Saxony, already proved it on a 40 km long line at the beginning of this year. In addition to advantages such as lower costs and faster data collection, the use of drones increases the degree of automation in the process.

The next step, even further towards automation, is only a small one. With the latest technologies, flight routes can be easily stored and repeated. This is useful in the inspection of power poles, but the construction and real estate industries can also profit from it. For construction progress documentation and façade / roof inspections, images from the same perspective are of enormous value.

FlyNex With Digital Solution for Project Management

For remote maintenance with the drone, our FlyNex triad is used: planing, flying, analyzing. For this purpose, the FlyNex platform has been expanded in recent months with additional functions and interfaces in order to shorten the work in all three aspects as much as possible.

FlyNex Planung Befliegung Analyse

For scalable operations, we recommend integrating these three steps into existing operational processes. FlyNex is an expert in this field and offers a free initial consultation for companies. Please use our contact form or let us evaluate your specific application.





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