How Drone Pilots Can Avoid Expensive Penalties – Part 1

Time and again, there are reports in the media about drones flying in prohibited zones, such as airport areas. Partly on purpose, but partly due to ignorance. Such violations are punished with high fines of up to €50,000. In our blog series, we explain what you should be aware of in any case to avoid penalties.

2021-04-27T12:04:45+02:008. April 2021|News|

What makes “good” data

What influences the quality of data and data collection? How can drones in particular be usefully integrated for data collection? We examine the criteria that determine the quality of data.

2021-03-26T19:19:28+01:0025. March 2021|News|

Map2Fly Updates 03/22/2021

In the last few days, we have updated our Map2Fly and our software. The main focus of the updates is working with objects, such as real estate, energy networks, properties, and more. Our software team has implemented the following major innovations and changes...

2021-03-24T09:37:06+01:0022. March 2021|News, Updates & Support|
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