In the last few days, we have updated our Map2Fly and our software. The main focus of the updates is working with objects, such as real estate, energy networks, properties, and more.

Our software team has implemented the following major innovations and changes:

  1. New “Edit / Save” function

    Based on the user authorization, entries in projects are made by a new “Edit & Save” function. If you want to make changes in a project, select “Edit” to edit all entries and save the changes with “Save”.

  2. Improved map operation

    Zoom level, map type, and other map settings are maintained through the entire application and do not jump back to the default view.

  3. Interaction between linked elements

    You can navigate directly to linked elements. On the other hand, you can see in the individual elements, e.g., a drone, to which projects it is assigned.

Small changes are:

  1. Implementation of breadcrumbs

    From now on, you can see breadcrumbs on the top left of all pages in the software. This should simplify orientation and navigation.

  2. Livestream feature for FlyNex Enterprise Suite has been added.

    Livestreaming from the drone is available to FlyNex Enterprise Suite customers.

  3. Small bugs in the software backend have been fixed to improve performance and speed in processing.