Current Project Status

MAP2FLY is now opened and used daily by 500 users, depending on the weather. Companies, in particular, are continuously informed about their ascents and use the initial information as support to find their way around the legal situation. We have been able to support the discussion about many still unclear regulations with numerous institutions in the last weeks. Every day we receive a lot of positive feedback. We also receive more and more suggestions for new features and further improvements. We are very grateful for this very constructive exchange. We have already integrated the first new features into the current version. In the background, we have planned an extensive update. MAP2FLY will be significantly improved.

New Updates

First and foremost, many small bugs were fixed from the feedback. We have evaluated and adapted the user-friendliness so that the usability becomes more intuitive. This includes calling up the information with a right click, the activated layers, and the opened options. As a new feature, the frequently requested satellite map is now available. A button can be used to switch between the different maps. With the now integrated geolocator, you can directly call up your own location, so that a search is no longer absolutely necessary.

Next Steps

With the announced next update, the data situation and the legal interpretation of the requirements will be further improved. There are still some “black spots” to be tackled. In addition, we are incorporating the incoming requests into our feature lists and will develop new features for the map in the coming weeks. In addition, due to the many requests, a Pro version will go into production, which contains more special, even more detailed maps and features for flight planning. Of course, we continue to receive suggestions and requests to improve MAP2FLY.

The success of MAP2FLY

We are very pleased that the interest comes from many sides, which are now working concretely with us on further solutions for the entire market. Like many other institutions, we can make our contribution to this. MAP2FLY is based on an open, joint and cooperative exchange. This joint work is also necessary for drone technology as a whole. We will continue our work as usual with all interested parties. For this great support of our efforts, we would like to say THANK YOU again!

We continue to develop the service as usual.

The FlyNex Team

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