Current Project Status

The technologies have been adapted in the last week. Currently, we are in daily contact with users and various institutions and organizations to improve the relevant content. We work out the actual effects of the legislation in a dialogue. Due to the large amount of feedback and more than 30,000 users, the focus is now on many detailed questions for concrete ascents in various rooms. MAP2FLY not only helps to find existing gaps in legislation but also raises questions of interpretation. We are therefore not only seeing a sensitization of the users but also of the authorities.
The exchange between all participants has intensified constructively. We are very proud of this.

New Updates

The next updates are now available. The database has been updated. The federal waterways have been updated based on the WSV, the zones will be adjusted in the next update. The airports and airfields were updated, decommissioned airfields verified. The ICAO designations were added.
The flight altitude has now been combined with the display and the query in the map so that only conditions of the respective altitude are considered. Detail adjustments of map contents have taken place. The texts of the editions have been concretized.

Next Steps

Through the comprehensive feedback and the intensive exchange with associations, companies, hobby pilots, police and authorities, the next step will be to adapt the requirements of the visualized content. These could be discussed very well in the past two weeks. Various interpretations of the regulations could also be discussed in consultation with the air traffic control authorities. These are already being adapted for the respective countries. MAP2FLY will be more concrete in terms of PIS, PJA, RMZ, industrial plants, railway plants, power generation plants, etc. The legislator will also make changes in the application of the current regulatory situation. The service will then be improved and even more accurate initial information will be available.

The Success of MAP2FLY

Although we are no official authority and only provide initial information, MAP2FLY is an outstanding success. It is the success of the community, dedicated people, authorities, and associations who want to work together to improve the environment for RPAS technology users. The MAP2FLY project is based on this joint constructive exchange!

We continue to develop the service as usual.

The FlyNex Team

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