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MAP2FLY has been online for a week now. The feedback is overwhelming. We didn’t expect it. The map was conceived as a contact point to visualize the effects of the new regulation at short notice and to provide initial information. We already registered 1.2 million map accesses! In the meantime the inquiries exceeded our limits, the page was down in the meantime, functions no longer callable. The media reported. We received numerous calls. We received countless emails with feedback, acknowledgments, hints, and annotations.

Your Feedback

Your feedback and support help to improve the data situation and the offer. Despite the huge popularity, the map, of course, contains deviations, inaccuracies, and errors. This also applies to the data that comes from official sources. MAP2FLY’s data state is now being improved bit by bit. In the background, further data sources are already being integrated and bugs are being fixed. Concrete hints, as many users have already reported, are now being processed step by step. We also hope that concrete implementing provisions in the course of the regulation will provide us with clear instructions on how to behave in certain areas.


Through your feedback and suggestions for improvement, we can also further improve the depth of information in terms of content. Three features were at the top of your wish list: We will reposition the desired satellite map, the function of all layers and an exact legend. And don’t worry, the app for mobile devices as well as numerous features are already in development.

Notes about MAP2FLY

We are neither the Luftfahrtbundesamt (Federal Aviation Authority), the regional aviation authorities, any air traffic control institution or even the legislator. We have not made the laws, nor are we responsible for missing implementing regulations. Therefore, MAP2FLY is only the initial information on which regulations might apply in a particular area. In any case, always contact the authorities for information.


Thanks again for the great feedback and support, as well as the hints and support from all sides. Special thanks to everyone who is now actively involved in improving the map. Thanks also at this point to Heise, Zeit, SafeDrone, BMVI, the aviation authorities, DFS, MyRoad, the city of Hamburg, NBS, UAV-Dach, BVCP, UVSI, BUVUS, FPV Community, Kopterforum and all other companies, organizations, and persons who are committed to these future technologies.

We are now continuing our work on suitable solutions even more intensively.

The FlyNex Team

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