For Every Drone Pilot

Whether private or commercial: legally compliant, always up to date, and with all information about the respective position. For drone pilots and drone service providers. Available for free as iOS & Android mobile app and web-app.

Map2Fly App for Drones

Free and Easy to Use

  • Airspace planning with just a few clicks
  • Set individual waypoints and flight routes
  • 5 different map styles

Plan and Connect

  • Draw, connect and validate your flight routes
  • Performing flights as a drone pilot
  • In-app-weather with location-based information

Additional features for professional and commercial drone pilots

  • Use Map2Fly as a planning tool for customer projects
  • Create your own company profile and invite partners to your projects
  • Create projects quickly and easily, share them with clients and airspace authorities

Choose Your Plan

The free cloud dashboard for drone pilots
Pilot’s Account & License Register
Read-Permissions to invited Projects
Device & Battery Inventory
SORA-GER Calculator
Project Management
1 Project available
Flight Planning
Accurate Drone Maps for Planning & Orientation
Draw Flight Routes
Tools for Digital Spatial Surveying
Export Flight & Project Data (PDF, GeoJSON)
Digital Maps
Different Satellite & Topo Maps
3D Airspace View
Growing Data Stack of Air Spaces & Flight Zones
In-App Weather & Forecasts
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Start in 3 Steps

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  • Enter your account details
  • Install the app and start flying
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